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Thursday, July 31, 2003 . 7/31/2003 11:54:00 pm

HA HA!!!!!!!!! Finally i know how to access to my blog once again... Well these few days have been quite tough for me as i think too much i guess... Things which i think i shouldn't brood too much of... But it's over as i thought things through liao... BUT today is a very tiring day for me as i woke up early in the morning to do my project and had lessons till 5 and still had to work sia... Hmmmm.... Things are getting tough for me as i'm beginning to feel the pressure of being jobless... As the economy is very bad now and i think it'll be very hard to look for a job right now... Haiy... That's really my greatest worry.... And tests are coming in a month's time but i still dont seem to understand one of the modules well... To make things worse my practical are like shit... Always seem to flung for my lab tests... Well hope things could be better... One happy thing is that i'll be shopping tomorrow with my friend.. Hmmm feel guilty for not attending my bible study that day.. But just hope that my friend could be cheerful and stay happy with life... And one thing i know is, i'll never let him give up on anything.... Weak as i am, i'll stay strong to help him cross that diffcuilt hurdle in life... Life is not perfect at all... But we exist to make life a better one.... And thats the reason why i will not admit defeat to difficulties in life.... For i always believe that when i'm weak, that's the point when i become strong as i know i'll pull through and get on with life.. That's how life is and to see it in a more optimistic way.... How great it could be to let us realise we could go through so many different pace in life....

Word Of The Day
~Smile Always For You Never Know Who'll Be In Love With Your Smile~

Thursday, July 24, 2003 . 7/24/2003 12:58:00 am

Well its been three weeks since i last went back to hm group as i was busy with work for two weeks cos the garlic restaurant needed help desperately and last wk was my parents birthday. Well excited to start off with wat i learned today. Hee... There's this speaker called maria who shared with us. She funny and she impressed me a lot as she allows me to listen to wat she gotta say and at the same time i can relate to similar incidents(quite hard for me cos i'm extremely blur... and i really mean extreme kinda type). There's this part when she relate to wonder why she had to like kinda tolerate when ppl come up to her and say they feel hurt when she pass some remarks to them. And she'll be like praying to God why she doesnt go around doing the same to others. Most of the times we see to a point of view that ppl got to treat us nice and we will then do the same thing back to that person. And when that someone tried to be nasty to us or hurt us in some ways or another, we turn nasty as well. By having this kind of mentality we're not behaving like wat God wants us to be. I mean we dont have to be treated in a nice way b4 we tried to be nice to others and we kept blaming friends or loved ones at times that we're bot being loved. But in the 1st place, are we treating them nicely? Are they really at fault or was it just me? It seems like the surrounding ppl are being cold or not being nice..... But we didnt realise that we focus too much on this issue and neglect how they feel and why do they have this feeling.... And i feel bad when i listen to wat she gotta say cos at times, i think this way... Another thing she mention was like patience(THIS IS WAT I REALLY LACK MOST)... Well friends come up to me at times to pour out their troubles and i'll be like "haiy why this fella got so many problem one"(used to think this way in the past b4 i gotta accept Christ)then i'll ALWAYS tried to cut short the conversation(u know when times u dont have mood to listen or u just dont wanna talk to emo kids at times).... But now different lah.... At least i find that i could really zip up my mouth and just shut up to listen to my troubled friends(BUT must tell me 1st or i'll be yacking away NON-STOP...dont say i nvr warn cos all my best friends know my pattern one).... And most of the time i think we really need to self-reflect and dont keep thinking that some ppl are just plain nasty or watever... why not think about yrself and understand wat kind of a person u are.... have u been a gd friend... have u been gd to yr parents or siblings or even other ppl.... Nobody's perfect but at least make yrself a better person... that's wat i think.... And yah another thing is that i find ppl nowadays have the tendency to go for fame and fortune.... money is not yr life though vital in a sense that u need for food and stuff... i got to know a few promoters during one of my assignment job.. the girls were all like younger than me by 3 yrs i think and they really have the msg "Diamonds are a girl's best friend". each cost like 300++ and above... and hey that's the cheapest among these 3 girls... i'm like huh... i'm still wearing perlini silver's cross pendant loh and that's it for my accessory.... and the weird part is they get their bf to buy it for them.... so weird.... guys out there... too rich izzt??? and donate to zentay fund? now no money sia.... ha ha.... and there's this promoter who tells me like i need to find a bf whos well educated and must be smartly dressed or i'll find that he is not worthy of me.... +Dudh+ Well quite sad to know how realistic they are but no choice loh... maybe different ppl really have different thinking.... well gonna end now...

God has not promised us that he will help us to overcome difficulties/obstacles in life,
but He promised us that He will make us the overcomers in his life.

~Word Of The Day~