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Sunday, December 10, 2006 . 12/10/2006 09:04:00 am

wa the weather was so cold yesterday when we went for disneyland.... but it was really just nice.... i love the winnie honey hunt and its a small world... so nice!!! but my dumbo ride i'm a bit sad... was just telling jacq hope i dun get the yellow dumbo and in the end i still got that!!!! arghhhhh... but quite fun too... hee i got myself a chip and dale bag... so nice!! went back ard 5 like that and when i reach back, i fall sick liao due to the whole day of rain.... going shibuya now liao with chris and jacq... hee today better.... thank God! :)

Thursday, December 07, 2006 . 12/07/2006 11:48:00 am

was reading this devotion of finding the Father...these few kids at a football games..the place was packed with ppl and during half time the children still manage to find the father...the father's eye full of love for his children..the lady asked how did they know where he'll be sitting at this huge crowd...Oh,he replied and smiled warmly...I am always right here...Believe me,they know where to find their father...
i'm just so amazed cos God is always sitting on His throne looking at us and waiting for us to come to Him..never lacking in His love and patience..Lord, teach me to seek Ye first daily...let me know where to find You..let me not be ignorant by the things around me but in all with thanksgiving unto You..
just chilling out at the hostel today cos feeling very tired after taking my sleeping pill last night...made french toast this morning..yummy! maybe in the evening will go out with amanda if she's heading for shibuya... :)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006 . 12/06/2006 03:00:00 pm

wa belly tired now... have been walking the whole day... just doing grocery shopping at one of the shopping centre called rox.. hmmm having rash and i wanna get calamine lotion but noone understand what i'm talking about... argghhhh!!!!!!! and i couldnt speak japanese at all... really one duck and one chicken!!! grrrrrrrrr.... but i really like the weather... better today.... not so cold... i think today should be about 11degree or something... oh man but i very clumsy... was washing my hands and dropped my gloves in the basin and it was wet then cant wear liao... then my hands so cold... wa i had my fav tendon at this particular shop... so yummy!!!! so satisfied and the price very reasonable also... happy happy!!! *)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006 . 12/05/2006 12:41:00 pm

weather is getting very cold.. poor jacq and myself dun dare to bathe... hahaha... the weather really bua tahan... but i guess also becos the power supply for the heater trip thats why.. hmmmm.. well just went for prayer walk and just walking along the smalll town with God.. the feeling is just relaxing and peaceful... really just felt how amazing He is... and He was just reminding me of the love He had for everyone.. and He showed inadequate i am without HIm.. to continue surrendering myself to HIm so that His will can be fulfilled.. i was also reminded the other time when i was in one of the service and suddenly i had a vision of God carrying the cross and telling me that even if it's just gonna be me, He will.. and becos of fangfang He will... my heart just broke and i really couldnt grasp the understanding of His love for me... i derserve nothing but yet becos of His great love, He chose to give me everything... and sometimes it seems like a joke to me that i kept trying things in my own hands and thinking i can accomplish it... but if He is not in control of the smallest things in my life, i would like less than dust... He showed me without Him we are nothing but also becos of us, He chose to be nothing... who is able to do that to our lives... no one can...Lord, i wanna be where You are... teach me Father to clothe with humilty day by day... show me more of You in my life... less of me and be lifted up in my life... let me not seek man or self but You... approval from You and not people.. teach me to love as You would and pray like how Jesus would... so that i can know You for who You are and not what You are... rid me of all malice, anger,deceit, bitter, pain and jealousy but unto Your feet i will surrender and give thanks for what You had already done on the cross... more than sufficient...

Monday, December 04, 2006 . 12/04/2006 08:05:00 pm

wa its beginning to freeze over here... belly cold ahhhh... but its just ncie and cosy in this town... luckily we went to the disney store on sunday and manage to get the tickets... cos if not we'll have to wait 1 hr just to queue for tix on sat when we reach disneyland... but the store was already so beautiful... looking forward for my disneyland trip... ke ke....
hmmm one thing weird abt japan is that the weather turns dark by 5p.m... and i kept thinking it's already 8 or 9 but it's only 5... like dudh.... but the shops close super early also... by 8 erveything is gone... sob sob...
haha i so happy cos i was doing prayer walk ard the little town and saw the vicks sweet that was no longer on sale in spore... quickly grab one!!!! yeah!!! happy happy!!! got to sleep soon... good night God! ;>

Friday, December 01, 2006 . 12/01/2006 06:42:00 pm

weee!!! i'm now in japan and so great that they have free internet access.... it's really cool over here and really havving a great time... thank god the weather is not as bad as i tot of it to be... went to shibuya today and got a few presents... then went to this big lantern place.. got a lot of sourvenirs... bought a bag for myself... ke ke.... the food there is terrific... yummy! really thank god for blessing me with this trip.... wa jacq took a lot of photos and sometimes i have to be her model... hee hee.. but it was really great having this time of fellowship with her... gonna do my solitude tomorrow... bet i'm gonna enjoy it more than anything else.. so great!! it's always so cool to just be chilling out with god and talk our hearts out... even though i do that everyday but just feel so good... like having a date with god like that... hahaha... then can eat my fav frosties too... ke ke... i'm excited for my trip to disneyland as well... hmmmm fun fun... :)