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Sunday, January 14, 2007 . 1/14/2007 02:02:00 am

Wow its a new year liao wo... so fast.. well it has really been amazing and looking back, God has just been so amazingly good in my life.. jot down my goals for this year... hmm this year's birthday is so different... i had my birthday spent travelling for the UK trip... its just weird without a birthday cake even though Jon was like a broken record singing the birthday song like 1000x... haha!! but it was just nice spending it with him... had a good time in UK though.. fun playing board games with his grandad and his grandad brought us to this pub to have lunch and it was yummy... i'm glad to know his grandad more this year... he's very amused by how much i can sleep.. he was disturbing me big time sia... visiting his grandma was quite traumatic this time... this time wasnt so much on having a cup of tea but fussing over the heater for like 30x within half a hour... she just forgets that she had already mention to us... Jon was really sian... worse was when she was cooking dinner and mistook lettuce fot cauliflower and actually boiled it!!! i didnt touch that... and she stuff like 12 cherry bakewells, 7 elcairs, 4 donuts, a box of after8 mints, 6 jagger cakes and expect the 2 of us to finish it before we sleep... ARGHHH!!!! then i kena food poisoning cos i ate the frosties and didnt realise there was a hole at the corner and it was done by a mouse... i didnt know there were mice in her place as Jon knows i'm terrified of them... oh man then i puke when i reach the hotel... my coat,scarf,shirt,jeans and boots kena the puke.. then have to bathe then lie down to rest... was very touched when jon helped me to wash all the clothing... like learning to count my blessings again and really thank God for him for all this while being there to support and encourage me for the last coming 3 years... its amazing how God has continue to bless and guide our relationship... i really want our relationship to continue to be pleasing before Him and walking closer with Him.. my prayer is just all of Him in my life and none of me.. yeah and ya had to see a doctor and it costs 50pounds but really no choice cos i had diarrhoea for the next 2 days and it was really bad... thank God i manage to shop the last day and went to got my stuffs from topshop and bought a few other things using the money that Granny gave me... hee hee... but i am so glad to go there and just being able to see them again... i really miss them a lot and i thank God that jon's parents had been really nice to let me go there again.. i tot that was my birthday present but they still gave me other stuffs... i am very touched by their love and care for me... not just on material wise but really just being like real parents to me... they sang me a birthday song as well before i left for UK... i cant ask for more... i am glad that they are staying here longer and i can spend Christmas with them again... this Christmas i got all the cool stuffs i have been wanting to get... God has been kind.. i am really short of cash for a lot of stuffs and couldnt afford them but i am glad i can get all during His Birthday... haha and i love the Christmas dinner!!!! yummy!!! but i guess for this day, its not about the presents that really matter... its the strong bonding that his family had and i am glad and happy i could be part of it... and i did nails for his sister and mother a few days before tat and was happily chatting... it's so cool and also helped me to know them better... hee hee.. and i always love a hug from them... :D