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Saturday, December 31, 2005 . 12/31/2005 02:20:00 am

oh man tomorrow is 31st and will be having the countdown... edited my stuffs for 2006!! hmmm but a bit upset cos normally by now my family would have asked how to celebrate my birthday... *sob sob*
but anyway, today went with glenn to meet the teens at scwo cos elim having a course with the teens who drop out...those teens are quite fun but ya quite broken also becos of different issues... i see them like how i used to behaved when i was younger.. but ya they're quite a cool bunch of ppl... one of these girls actually go to thailand alone for quite a few times alone... and she was only 17!!! man i was like huh... she love thailand a lot and knows how to speak and sing in thai songs... then met 2 cousins and they are quite funny.. gt this girl who is quite rockstar kind and she actually knows how to dance folk dancing and i had a video clip of her doing that with her friend.. had quite a lot of fun!!
oh man food was good at angel's place but the dog is just too scary for me!! felt so bad cos i spill the floor with coke when the dog approach me... :( ok next yr is gonna be a great year for God! ;)

Tuesday, December 27, 2005 . 12/27/2005 08:13:00 pm

oh man my lao ba's birthday is over liao.. so sad... so fast man.. ohh i really had a fun time at the bbq... so many nice foods... hmmm.. oh all the presents i receive this yr rocks man!!! and the cards especially... words always nvr fail to touch my heart yo! i finally gt my fav perfume by jon's mum...*appluase* cos very ex and current job status is worker for Jesus Lao Ba! hur hur.... left only one wish list... hur hur will slowly save up in the next half yr to get when i get a full time job... hee quite excited to work at the shop then can practise my motherly pattern... can sweep sweep and mop mop the floor.. but first i'm trying to figure how to get the glenn lim banner near the toilet away... he's intruding my privacy!! haha just kidding.... but ya quite uncomfortable wo like the moment you come out of toilet then see his big face there like telling you:"eat snake izzit".... anyone who read this part dont tell him or i jialat... hahaha!!! oh gotta send jon's sis to airport liao!!! hee hee... see you next time ah fang!!! :)

Saturday, December 24, 2005 . 12/24/2005 02:51:00 am

oh the narnia movie really locks man!!!! it unlocks my heart!! haha!!! shiok to the core!!! when the war was started i really feel like shouting "CHONG AH FOR JESUS!!!!" but i think i'll get hit by all the ppl watching the movie!!! i really feel like God is so majestic and it was really like He was crowning all His sons and daughters as princes and princess!!!! man it was so cool... like all of us in Heaven watching His show like that... i like the part where the witch is scared of the lion... can really relate how the devil is afraid of the Heavenly One!!! hur hur!!! but ya it was a sacrifice that He made to save our salvation... wat more can we say or do but to stay obedient..
oh i receive a borders gift voucher and so cool it's in the card form.. at one moment i was like err the card for wat one huh... for advertising is it cos the card was bought from there? very malu cos michelle kept laughing at my mountain turtle face.. hur hur i dont know wat to buy there.. maybe some christian books or magazine... yeah God is good.... receive quite a no of nice gifts.. damn cool man.... got a pink belt... wooohoooo!!!! and a box of strawberrry chocolate... been wanting to try but stingy to buy... God knows my heart so well... gt this cool chena baby case... soooo nice!!! haha best part michelle got me the ah boy & ah girl mug... so sweet and nice!!! and we chose the same coin pouch!!! hur hur!!! :)
oh ya becca was so sweet... she made me a heart shape cookie and i cant bear to eat it... looks too nice to touch it.... hee hee... ah hua gt me a heart pin.. hur hur cos she LUB ME!!! hee hee i gt a tee shirt fom lizzie as well and the top is so nice!!!! the pouch also!!! :)
thank You Lao Ba for Your birthday... can watch movie with Your loved ones and gt presents some more!! so shiok! :D

Friday, December 23, 2005 . 12/23/2005 12:08:00 am

oh oh i had such a fun time this evening at my place... was busy doing my nails and clumsy me kept smudging my nails... grrr... then i had a very efficient PA to help me... mr ang moh!!!! hee i also help him do his nails too... but just tidying and no nail polish la.. very ah gua i also cant stand... very satisfied with my work... oh yesterday's cell was superb!!! had a great time just mingling around... talking and eating... hoho all my fav hobbies!!! and ya really receive excellent gifts from my nice ladies!! thank you so much!!! you all lock man!!! haha.. lockaby baby on the treetop... hur hur...
but was quite busy running errands whole afternoon till evening... but morning went facial wo... hee the therrpist today very nice... only 1 yr older than me and we talk even when i was having my mask....haha... she so sweet still help me do eyebrow trimming for free... nice lady and talk from starting till i leave... :) met jac for lunch to get accessories from her cos my sis likes her stuffs and buying for her friends... then jac went off first and i got lost in bedok.. errr... dont know why but i tried looking for the mrt station near the central and i took half hr to look for it... hee....
oh then wait for my sisters to come home to exchange presents.. hee hee... my sisters bought me this pretty hanphone chain with cross... my silly sister say cos i'm a "hallelujah" so buy me the cross version... haha siao one she... but very nice wo... :)
oh presents havent really wrap finish... christmas is a stressful day cos i seriously cant wrap presents for ppl... very ugly sia... i dont dare to pass to them... hur hur... oh sleepy liao... must eat my nice chocolate muffin and (-_-)zzzz cos tomorrow need to do some work... good night Heavenly Lao Ba!!! *hug You many many and tight tight*

Sunday, December 18, 2005 . 12/18/2005 04:08:00 am

Oh man i need to sleep but i cant sleep at all and now is 4:10a.m!!!! gosh think i'm having my insomnia again!!! arghhh i dont want.... was busy doing a lot of stuffs and just doing all the christmas stuffs!!! quite tired but ya luckily this yr quite a few things i dont have to pack if not die liao cos i really gt no time to do it.. been busy running errands... finally next week i can relag and go for my facial.. then fri is christmas liao!!! hee hee... Jesus must be happy cos all of us celebrating His birthday... wa i think His birthday cake must be very nice.. then with the angels singing birthday song... wa like very divine and holy wo!!!! and ya christmas is all about God sending His one and only son as one perfect sacrifice for all of us!! we dont deserve anything but He gave us everything... wat more can we ask for except to just give Him the glorry He deserves... thank you Lord for Your amazing love!! :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 . 12/14/2005 01:13:00 am

Hee had a new hair cut today... a bit short but ya i like it wo!! emphasis on my pretty face!! haha!! just kidding!! walked past this fair where they sell this chicken little base ball shirt for kids... damn cute wo!! but ex lelz... $27.90 so didnt buy... cos still need to buy christmas presents for my family... oh went tecman to buy the devotional book for couple liao!!! woohooo!!!! hmmmm... oh oh went night safari today... quite fun but i'm such a scaredy cat man.... everything also scared... hurst~

but yeah joy to the world the Lord's birthday coming liao!!! happy birthday lao pa!!! haha!!! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005 . 12/13/2005 01:29:00 am

Hmmmm seems like everyone know i like chicken little... oh i feel so sinful cos i bought another chicken little t-shirt... haha no more chicken little stuffs!!! cant afford to buy so many things... need to watch my budget a bit cos this yr christmas i'm so broke!!!! havent got my pay and i'm out of job till jan.... jia lat!! luckily i got my Provider in the heaven so i not so worried... i know He has a new season for me.. hee hee... nt to say slack or what but i still have a purpose to accomplish...
need to settle a bit for next yr too... going to be helping out in wmum office also coming feb... quite excited cos i've been wanting to help out but then ya i know it wasn't the season then...God is good... He sees my desire.. hur hur.. dont have to tell ppl He know liao... even abt being stretched next yr... i know it's going to be tough for the coming 6 mths but i think of myself being able to serve Him more gives me a stronger desire to strive on... i dont know how it'll turn out to be but i just cant wait for 2006!!! here i come!!!!! the sky wont be falling!!! haha!!! cos Heavenly Father is supporting!!! not chicken little!!! hahahhahaha!! so funny!! na yee ya hee na yee ya ha ha!!! :)
Christmas coming and it's not only a season for giving and receiving gifts... but it's out Lord Jesus' birthday!!! happy birthday to you... hmmm quite happy to be spendingg time with my loved ones.. i feel blessed that i have a comfortable home and place to stay in where there's no war or riots... i thank God for the chance to be in Spore to serve Him... i just wanna cont this journey and nothing can be tough when i have His strength in me... things will only be hard if i only used mine.. oh ya i like this david pierce guy.. it's quite funny to go through jackie's seminar and then the other week david pierce seminar.. extreme to both ends but still reaching out to the broken and hearing the cry for the nation... i told God i wanna be like them where i will be used completely in Him... nt partially but giving up my all... but ya i gotta start small.. to reach out for the young generation out there whom my Lord loves... send me Lord... i know He's preparing me to this journey cos i'm the one that can complete the journey He planned for me.. noone else can take that place!! becos i'm special to Him and i'm a child of God!! ;)

Friday, December 02, 2005 . 12/02/2005 12:23:00 am

wa the fever 05 conference is just shiok to the core!~! i thank God tat i went for it... God is working mightily in this speaker.... hurst and God is also telling me when i will be "song" to go for east timor... i'm really considering next year... it's been a burden set in my heart... i'm so proud of sue ann going to deli.. she's definitely gonna enjoy God's glory and mercy there... shiok!@_@
oh i bought the chicken little top and bottom liao... hee hee... jon got me the bottom cos i no $$ also... cos just spend on anna sui t-shirt which i've bee hunting for 2 months... hee hee.. but ya i must be reminded not to be obessed with those soulish things but in God.. dont worry Jesus Lao Ba!! noone will take the place... not even my ang moh... hahaha... wo hai shi ai ni!!!! ho ho ho!!! My Father's birthday coming liao and i'm gonna receive gifts and His love!!! yeah!!!! :)

Thursday, December 01, 2005 . 12/01/2005 12:40:00 am

hee chicken little on town liao... watching with the guys this sat... hoping for it man... hee hee... it was so funny... mingjie was doing the chicken little dance and i really got very amused... but cannot be idol worship for it.. haha... but ya i'll be getting the t-shirt and bottom... i love this chicken.. haha... hopefully i can get the plush...
God has really been amazing in my life.. even though there are tough decisions to make i know He use it for His good.. but this is going to be crucial for me esp next yr... need to really seek Him and His plans... Good night Lord... thank You for being loving and kind to me even when i dont deserve it... :)