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Wednesday, July 28, 2004 . 7/28/2004 12:54:00 am

haiy tired after these few days...almost fainted on saturday and almost scare the freak out of my boy.. and pissed off with uncalled for issues....but things ok now...feeling happy again...waiting to go for facial and relax...booked appt for massage,body scrub,body wrap and eye collagen trt with jon...hee looking forward to that...and will be doing some scaling and polishing for our teeth as well...hmmm booked appt for pedi as well...called the girl who always do it for me...nice nice...aiming for a burberry's bag now...only 300++...cheap cheap good good...hee...got a few wanted list.. hope to get it soon...wa hahahahhaha...yawn got to sleeep...facial in the morning...keke..manage to  clinch quite a fair bit of sales for this month... :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2004 . 7/20/2004 01:31:00 am

well work was good for me today...didn't puke much blood..was talking to my blur colleague abt her work performance and how bad it was...told her what to work hard on or she'll definitely be kick out from the job...didnt want to see this happen even when i really dont like her working attitude..and i knew i work not entirely for pay but also for God...know that God test us through work as well and i am trying to be understanding towards her just as how God was patient to all of us...hmmm was suppposed to go for my friend's party but somehow didnt go cos was tired and sian.. then stayed the whole day for baybeats...well had my hair treatment done on sat as well cos it was getting crispy and original...hahaha...and ya going for facial on fri and pedi from 2 wks time!yeah...and my customer will be helping me to go HK to look for one watch that i like a lot!yeah! and ya next month i'll have free trt for massage!wow!full body trt!yeah! from hair to face to my toes!hahahaha..just that i dont like to do manicure...dont know why...  hee..

Monday, July 12, 2004 . 7/12/2004 07:03:00 am

yeepee got baptised after 3 yrs of waiting....but God made it the rite time...i have so many wonderful sisters and brothers in Christ who attended my baptism!want to thank BOY BOY the first thing cos he's the special among the special!:) and want to thank shawna,liana,jean,aletheia,crystal,suelynn for coming!thanks sisters!and also john chiong and deanna!i'm so glad they came1h their little chiongster!really thank u guys!and also marcus,jon chan(aka jon tan hahaha),iain,david,jerome.aaron!thank you guys so much!and also glenn for praying for me b4 my baptism!had the loveliest day yesterday!

Sunday, July 04, 2004 . 7/04/2004 06:56:00 am

well teach new girl abt work stuffs...almost puke blood..very slow and disgusting...always nvr cover her mouth when coughing..and always off my air con till i feel like fainting due to serious suffocation..went out with eric and kel and vish and john...vish slim down A LOT...wonder if he took pills...hmm..eric and kel still the same...disturb me till dont know like wat..saw kel's gf..sweet and adorable..was talking to eric when we go back and told him abt jon...say he's a gd catch and get me to grow up faster so i can treat him nicer..was feeling guilty at some points cos i know jon is more committed than me...i tend to be more childish in thinking..and self-centred...trying hard to kick this habit but hard..but not going to give up though....God nvr made me this way....wish i could be more sensitive and nt so retarded...told jon how sorry i felt and crying...he said i treat him nice...i hope i do..

Saturday, July 03, 2004 . 7/03/2004 06:59:00 am

well was surfing friendster earlier on and find that i used to have lots of close friends in jubilee pri sch then i change to qiaonan...i miss the time living in west coast and knowing those bunch of friends...i was very happy when i met them last yr for my friend's birthday party...and i know actually there's a gap btwn me and my friends...a few yrs without keeping in touch...when i first saw one of this girl whom i treat her as a good friend at the flea mrkt thats when i knew of the birthday party my friend has...then went to meet them..was happy to see them but feel sad cos i was a little left out...and i dont have common topics cos we havent seen each other for like 8 yrs...it's just too bad that i have to leave the sch early cos i shifted last time...but i miss those old days...........