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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 . 5/31/2006 11:47:00 pm

I was just practising to sing the song on Psalms 23... wat a beautiful song... and there was this other song that jon was teaching me... something like this:

He will make a way
where it seems to be no way
He works in ways we cannot see
He will make a way for me

Then the rest he also dunno liao... but that song very nice... an encouragement to me on how He will make a way for all the things He had in mind.. It's just me having to come to terms with it... impatience always gets on me which i dislike... grrr... well have been sick the whole day too... head was feeling giddy and waiting time to see doctor is torturing... and blur me skip my turn without knowing and waited extra 1 hr.. luckily jon was with me to accompany me... well i'm definitely challenged by God to heal me of my illness but i do struggle with it... but remembering of the healing conference i cant but be in awe of His healing powers...

was talking to jon in the evening on a budget for wedding dinner next time.. we'll have 4 course dinner:

1st dish-> khong guan biscuits as cold dish
2nd dish-> plain porridge
3rd dish-> preserved cai xing in bottle(to serve together with porridge)
4th dish-> wall's ice cream( those 60 cents kind)

we were just chilling out then started to talk rubbish.... but we had a good laugh and just spending some time together when he had his break of studying while i was just surfing the net and doing some reflection as well... hmmm it's bad that i cant be at STEP but good as i gotta spend extra time with jon... very excited on this friday's outing with jon to sentosa after STEP... yeeeppppeeee...... :)

Monday, May 15, 2006 . 5/15/2006 08:16:00 pm

wa really very busy these few days and i didnt even have much time to check my mails... even meeting jon is a problem cos he was also busy with the baybeats event during the weekends... so i just pop by to see him for a short while...
STEP is just awesome and God speak to me so much and ya it's challenging yet fulfilling... it's really great to know more ppl in different ministries and i appreciate how God has been faithful in all the things that He has called....
got lotsa stuffs on my mind now... trying to process faster cos now a bit jammed liao... ok gotta write my journal liao before i forget things again... hee hee... goodbye blogspot.. i log off now... :)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006 . 5/09/2006 12:02:00 am

wEEE.... Crazy weekend but it's good... i'm bery happy tat i can bring brownie out for a walk mostly everyday... hmmm now i know why ppl love dog so much... they are such good companions... i always talk to him when i bring him out for a stroll and he very kpo one!!! hee hee... but he's so cute!!
Step program is starting tomorrow... feeling a bit excited but also scared... just eat a ramry burger to help me ease down the anxiety i have... hee hee... no la but i know it's gonna be good as my Lord will be leading me to this new season... but i really still wanna help out for GreenGrass even though i'm starting my program... i wanna support glenn in this project that God has instored for him..... but God is so good.. He give all of us a break to the palace of the golden horse to chill out man!! i like!!!! weeeee~~~

Tuesday, May 02, 2006 . 5/02/2006 01:04:00 am

wa GG at youthopia ended~~~ yeah!!!! haha been stressed by this event... then very stressed and tired by so many things coming up... STEPS is starting soon... hmmmm quite excited but also a bit nervous... dunno wats instored for me.. know it's gonna be stretching though... actually for the past 4 months have been cool.. i tot glenn would expect many many things but thank God he didnt... in fact he's been very nice to me and i'm thankful for that... these 4 months i learnt a lot from him... wow 2 more months to go and i'm out of SE office to do something else i guess... haha... but will be heading for the upcoming mission trip in july to east timor... excited abt that as well... it has always been His call to get me to that country.... but ya gonna concentrate on my upcoming STEPS... just did my retreat today and as usual God rocks! :)

oh i just got a pair of new specs today!! hee jon buy for me one!! so nice!! and we had our 27th month together at changing appetisers.... wa the burger is bery goody the nice man!!! i like!! yum yum!! it's also a treat for us to relax before clearing up the stuffs for the GG event that is tomorrow.... ARGHHHHHH!! but i'm glad God has been faithful as His servant has been faithful to Him.... glenn really works hard for this event man.... Xie xie Lao Ba for Your support!!! ;)