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Monday, May 31, 2004 . 5/31/2004 06:43:00 am

was thinking a lot these few weeks abt myself always wanting to buy branded goods...then it hit me suddenly yesterday that it's more of a pride thing but i knew it long ago...but the selfishness in me was not known..i was so touched and felt guilty when jon told me sweetly that he sees the two of us together, saving up, planning for marriage and to have children of our own and to see them grow up..i was almost into tears then...then i just realise why do i even want all these material stuffs more then instead of fulfilling all these that i wanted for my life... was thinking of this the whole night after that...then i came up to this decision that i'm not going to dwell into the whole branded thing and save up...in the past i said that but i still kept thinking abt it but jon was patient with me and nvr once scold me for that....i need to solve out my branded thing issue....and though i was telling yen and guys abt the tai tai issue i was nt envying the lady but just puzzled by how rich she was and why she dress till like that..as if singapore is really crime free....haha..got to work now..

Tuesday, May 25, 2004 . 5/25/2004 08:06:00 am

Haiy going to work soon...kept thinking how the people are gonna be like...jon prayed for me yesterday...didnt have enough rest cos was looking for john chiong's letter i misplaced yesterday...so sleepy now..having tuesday blues...:P hmmmm wanted to get the ferragamo hair clip but didnt manage to cos of my stupid hair..grrrrr.... but anyway gotta save up though i wanted my branded stuffs..have to put on to a halt cos of something else...there goes all the things on my wish list....sob sob... gotta rush now to have breakfast with jon...:)

Wednesday, May 19, 2004 . 5/19/2004 07:03:00 pm

wow found a new job today and hee one way ahead to my louis vuitton bag!!!!!!!here i come!!!!!!hahahahhahaaha...well this week has been tough cos i was trying to look for job and was feeling disappointed at the fact that i look for 10001 jobs but still cant get one i like or suitable...was feeling sad yesterday but luckily boy boy is with me or i think i'll be depressed until siao...he comfort me and bought me my favourite popcorn and strawberry juice from orange julius!!!*nice nice*sooooo sweet and nice of him...and he accompany me the whole day earlier on when i went for interview..he waited for abt half to an hour at novena for my first interview and another 15 to 30 min for my 2nd interview...feel so bad abt it..at times i really wonder whats so great abt me that he got to do so many things for such a normal girl like me....he could have chose someone so much better...its not like he got no suitors and i'm just the ultimate average looking girl on the street...it's been a long time since i got so pampered by someone cos i used to get a lot of attention from my family since young but stopped when i grew older...now my sisters got more of my father's attention and it seems like i'm nothing...was very sad that sat cos my dad was like saying it's ok lalz...u can stay at home and have the leftover curry when i want to join my family for breakfast....feel like crying and depressed when i heard him say things like that to me...but i'm happt that i got jon with me cos i always get his attention and he always tolerate my nonsense or bad habits..when i do something to hurt him, i'll feel very sad and he'll get so sad...then i just say sorry and he'll be contented...so happy to have him by my side..cos it's really like how long since anyone treats me that nice and make me feel important...when i'm sad,he will also be sad and when i'm happy,he will share my joy...that's what he told me the other day when i got depressed when i couldnt find a job...i feel touched of course...cos it seems like i'm drifting away from my parents and they dont bother about me....at least God has given me His dear angel on earth to me which i greatly appreciate...its been a while too that i can feel so comfortable being with someone and most importantly,being the girl of just who i am...

Saturday, May 08, 2004 . 5/08/2004 09:13:00 pm

haha just resign from my job i done two days.. but then its good cos i can chill out and have fun.. and went out with my boy boy to zoo and it was a good day spending my whole day with him.. and yah i finish my deliverance class already and it was cool! but i really enjoyed my day with him so so much...he's so nice to me and always wanna be with me!hee hee...and encouraging as well...something i really love abt him is his sincerity to always try his best to cheer me up...nice nice..