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Thursday, October 26, 2006 . 10/26/2006 09:07:00 pm

More of You each day Lord... I'm glad that even though i dont have much things to do in the office.. i can spend the whole day reading... doing purpose driven life again that was given by Glenn... Reading another book that talks about marriage... i cant imagine when i get married.. how will it be.. i dont dare to think... the time will come... now on my 6th book this month... hmmm if i can always read books in this pace, one year i'll have read at least 80 books!!! wow then my brain juice will burst out... ke ke.. but it's good when i read more i reflect more on His goodness rather than anything else.. it's more of Him and less of me.. sharing gospel with my colleague is so much more joyful as well.. i know i have a purpose in the office.. to share of His goodness.. He's a buddhist but i'm praying and know that God will touch him in a special way like how He did for each of us... trying to get him to come for healing service... hope that God will touch him and he'll come... sharing God's word didnt seem that hard anymore.. not as hard as last time.. Not relying on my strength but becos of the love He has for me... amazing love.. how can it be.. that You my King would die for me...
painted my nails as well.. i'm happy.. long time since i do french manicure...gonna do for my mum tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 . 10/18/2006 11:33:00 pm

hmmm just grieving over a friend's death... he's same age as me... it was sudden... though i dont know him well.. it breaks my heart still... i thank God that he has know the Lord and is now called home...
well at office i was just shredding the papers half the day then do a termination form from customer that takes 2min and my rest of the day was just reading the book abt the women in the bible.. now touching on Ruth... this woman that God has placed upon my heart to read abt her... something i still dont know why but the story that Ruth went through was amazing...she's the woman of Love that God has blessed... this woman with great virtues and steadiness that is from God.. amazing how she leave everything behind to follow Naomi... all that she has she gave to God and allow Him to take control..
Yeah something that makes me feel good was to know that sue ann got into the 50 most gorgeous ppl in female magazine... i'm gonna support her!!! so proud of her... she's so pretty!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006 . 10/17/2006 11:24:00 pm

hmmm working at singtel is boring... luckily only temp... nothing to do most of the time these 2 weeks i'm there... just staring at the wall most of the time or talking to this christian lady... she's really nice and helpful... well this period is quite quiet my boss says... normally have lotsa stuffs to do... so i just wait for work to do... but most of the time i go and ask them... just cant sit there and do nothing... got a few days they gotta let me go home earlier cos nothing to do.. then these few days i brought books to read... finally finish i kiss dating goodbye.. really a cool book... teaches a lot to do self-reflection... and i really mean SELF-REFLECTION... Not looking at other ppl's fault but search deep in your heart with God.. never mind the fact when relationship fails... cos all is in the hand of God... i failed to see that in my past relationship... always blame the other party but i realise i got a part to play... i am blessed in this relationship that God has given me and i wanna treasure and honour God for it... not by my own strength but by His grace and love... reading this other book about the women of God... oh man it just blew me away.... rahab and tamar... each with their blessings that God has blessed them with... Rahab, a woman of Faith... even when situation seems bad, she chose to turn to God...though a foreigner and harlot but a woman who has this heart for God... Tamar... when injustice was coming to her time and time again, she never forget of this God whom she has heard.... this woman whose heart that God has used to even humble Judah... this woman of Hope... i feel so ashamed to know that they are people who has only hear little yet the faith and hope in God was this strong... something hit me as well when Salmon was eating his food, he teared as he is appreciative of the food that God has blessed him with... how many times i complain when the food was just satisfactory... and saying grace as though it was a duty to be carried out... or just saying it without really feeling it from the heart.. well having nothing to do at work allows me to read more of His characters and truth... i'm just feeling uncomfortable that i'm paid for nothing... but a blessing as i spent more time reading and praying... :)

Sunday, October 15, 2006 . 10/15/2006 01:43:00 pm

hmmm retreat was really great even though physically i was tired... but spiritaully lifted up.. agape love... what does it mean... coming back to the first love.. this great love.. living a surrendered life.. the transformation that has take place when i allow God to take over.. a lot of processing.. though challenging but it's one moment which i cherish.. when i see God increasing in my life as i decrease... i own nothing in this world.. nothing at all... not my gifts,talents,rights,just,love... all belongs to Him.. i cant take anything away as i was nothing.. He made me everything... He gave me the blessing that i can be a child of the most high King..it's tough trying to be humble and God-seeking as i tend to draw attention to myself.. learning wat it really means to die to self.. not looking at anyone but myself and to God.. lessons to learn but it encourages me to decrease in my way so that my Father can come in to take this place He deserves..
Falling on my knees in worship
giving all i am to seek Your face
Lord all i am is Yours
My whole life i place in Your hands
God of mercy humble i bow down
in Your presence at Your throne
I called You answered
and You came to my rescue and i
wanna be where You are
In my life be lifted high
in my world be lifted high
in our love be lifted high

Thursday, October 05, 2006 . 10/05/2006 11:58:00 pm

Well new skin... I quite like this one... Soothing for my eyes... Have been tired... I am tired... But God remains... His stillness and faithfulness.. His plans to prosper and to give hope... an undying love... Yes i will run to You.. to Your words of truth... Not by might,not by power but by the Spirit of God... I will run the race, till i see Your face Father... Thank You for Your unfailing grace... :)