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Wednesday, August 11, 2004 . 8/11/2004 10:36:00 am

sleepy sleepy...wow national day passed liao and time seem to pass by so fast... remember i always used to watch national day and last yr was a very lonely one.. watching alone at home and was reminded of my ex bf cos his birthday fall on that day itself... but now i got a special someone i can spend with..though i didnt manage to watch NDP cos i'm working...the guys organise a bbq at jon's place and well was quite cool i find it cos fellowship gathering is always something sweet and nice...hee hee... jon was sick for the past few days....feeling better now luckily...but i neglected him past few days cos whenever my pay day will be shopping day instead of accompanying anyone...keke...well this month bought quite a few stuffs....bought the sovil titus watch at $90!so cheap!it was at 50% discount...liked that watch a lot...and bought 2 shirts and some other stuffs i guess...cant remember... hmmmmm off today and gotta stay at home to accompany my family(but had a bad quarrel with parents yesterday....haiy) cos my sister's birthday today!bought her a voucher from charles and keith! :)

Tuesday, August 03, 2004 . 8/03/2004 08:06:00 am

yawn...couldnt sleep...kept thinking abt my sales and how to get more $$$....but luckily tomorrow going for massage,scrub,body wrap and eye trt for a pampering session...seem quite helpless abt my sale and i can do nothing abt it....haiy....and i dont like this feeling...only slept for like 6 hrs or 5 to be exact...was quite tired after SF too...but tot that was cool cos it does really seem to have the festival mood...and i get to take my 1st communion last sunday.....feel so proud abt that! and initially i was so scared to have missed it cos i went out with david to grab some food for the form guys..1st time i manage to talk to them and very funny some of them....but ya anyway hope to grab more sales today!