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Monday, January 31, 2005 . 1/31/2005 09:58:00 am

hur hur cant sleep now even though i slept at 3 last night.... hmmmm was clearing up my wardrobe and really got another bagful of clothes i dont want... hmmmm then giving away some of my stuffs to my sister cos she's of bigger build than me..... but i was very contented what i bought at the flea mrkt! here's the list-->
1) 1 yellow top @ $4
2)1 pair of white shoes @ $5
3) 1 anna sui alike t-shirt @ $2
4) 1 knitted top @ $2
5) 1 coin purse @ $1(for my mum)
6) 1 kimono style skirt @ $13
7) 1 brown floral skirt at $8
8) 1 pink/black top at $6
had a good time shopping with the girls and so funny one... hee hee.... then i help ah na bargain for 3 skirts at $9!!!! suppose to be $12 one... i'm so proud of myself!*wink wink* and yes one last session to complete my bmc!!!! yes then i can transfer liao..... bye bye st georges! here i come COOS!!!!! AHHAHAHAHHA...... siao liao... then i got some stuffs i need to buy.... hmmmm and ya suppose to meet aletheia and shawna this week to re-paint their nails for them.... hahahha.... must arrange with them liao.... ke ke.... i like to do ppl's nails even though i'm not really expert at it... but i like to try... ke ke.... cos fun ma.... hmmmm wonder if next time i can have my own miss fang's nail salon a not.... ke ke!
and ya today is my 1st year anniversary with jonny boy! hur hur! time flies.... but it's been a good year and he's been reallly nice to me.. always giving in to me and being patient to me and also nagging at me!!!! hahahahahaha..... thank YOU LORd for giving me such a wonderful ang moh bf , to be there for me when i needed a listening ear and to share my joy and sadness... thank You so much Father... even as the years to come, i pray that we draw closer to You spiritually, not just emotionally.... thank You for loving the two of us and allowing this relationship to blossom... for without Your will and blessings, we are nothing Lord... but You made us everything.... thank You Jesus....

Friday, January 28, 2005 . 1/28/2005 09:47:00 pm

aiyo so irritating.... today was shifting up all the barang barang to my new work place... nice environment... but shift like siao today... some more i getting skinner again still like that... grrrr.. i help one of my colleague to shift all her things cos she got athritis.... but i think i getting soon man if kept on shifting everything and so many stuffs... chao na na! then she expect me to shift her whole work desk like that.... buay ta han! but ok lalz... do it for God's sake.... if not i poke her backside already with a broom!!! hur hur... very pervert like that.... hmmm then my new colleague was nice.... help me a lot too and she's damn funny sia.... she copy my actions that i do and the scary part was when she went home to have dinner with the family, she laugh to herself cos she tot of my expressions and actions... wa piangz... got so funny meh????? so weird.... but she's cute lalz.. i like cute ppl... hur hur... and ya hor bua tahan one lelz.... how come God give me all the most irritaing ppl from other depts to work with huh... torture sia... just got to know from my supervisor that this really irriating girl will be working at this dept which i have to work closely with..*faint* realy hao bo bark sai! so to cheer myself up, i went for boyshop sale! hahha! no lalz... cos my boss tells me got sale then it's a very fang fang reaction to rush down after work and squeeze with ppl to snatch good stuffs.... hahhahaa!!!!! i bought 5 mini tea tree conditioner and 4 bottles of tea tree body wash and one milk lotion.... hur hur!!!! cheap cheap good goood!!!!!!!! and ya suddenly remember something again.... i panic so much of not enough proper footwear for work... then i remember i got 3 pairs of shoes i hardly wear, 2 pairs of heels and then i still bought 2 more pairs.... jia lat! and one more from christmas.... die already.... and my cupboard is now so packed and messy with all my new clothes and stuffs... hiay think sooner or later really gotta get a new cupboard... was still thinking of getting more stuffs for the flea mrkt on sunday.... hur hur... but see how... every thing too packed... did i really buy so many things? i really cant recall.... maybe God gave to me secretly w/o telling me... hahhhaahahahaha...... thank You Lord!:P

Sunday, January 23, 2005 . 1/23/2005 01:30:00 am

wow today's worship was fantastic.... i was lancing a bit... hee like so stupid like that.... but that's what i really love to do... haiy actually last year was in the dance ministry for a short while and had to leave due to work as i'm working tues nights.... actually feel like going back but too pai se to do so... cos like so funny like that.... join halfway leave then wanna come back again... not nice like that.... hmmm... well on a different topic... bought a belt today at queenstown.... hee earlier on at service was talking to joycie a bit... haha she also like anna sui!!!! hur hur.... so happy sia then was busy discussing abt it... well she's a nice lady... and ya cant believe sia... i slept till 3p.m today.... goodness... i fee like a pig.... but at the same time i feel happy cos long time since i can rest well.... hur hur.... love you Lord for yr loving heart.... for loving me and my sisters... for not giving up on me even when ppl feel that i'm hopelessly hopeless... thank You for allowing me to know You and love You... for i was on the train and thinking how life would be without You... i would have two paths... i wouldnt be the fang fang i'm now or there'll be no fang fang by then.... thank You father for saving me... i love You Lord...

Friday, January 21, 2005 . 1/21/2005 12:37:00 am

almost dozed off in front of the computer... very slpy.... had a long and tough day earlier on.. thinking of the gifts God has gave me but i dont know what they are sadly..... need to rest....God i heart you....

Thursday, January 20, 2005 . 1/20/2005 12:55:00 am

hmmm well was busy with work today but everything still cool... except one colleague very scary... like lesbian like that... wa dont come and tell me she another les.... *faint faint* was telling audrey about it... oh ya anyway i went for the warehouse sale at my work place there... sooooo many ppl and i bought quite a few things.... was good.... keke.... then after work met sue ann and talk.... followed by cell group visiting... hur hur... but miss the SE guys though....

well emotions running deep into me yesterday night and this morning... dont feel good about past issues holding me back... some unforgiveness which i have to release.... am trying now... and feel so bad that i ignore jonny boy for a while and he was sad abt it.... but i nvr lessen my feelings at all.. just felt that i needed time alone... but after that i'm ok liao... just wanna continue to trust in Him and draw close to Him!

Monday, January 17, 2005 . 1/17/2005 11:29:00 pm

oh for goodness sake i'm so tired now.... been working from 8a.m to 1015p.m.... yawn.... but actually very used to it already... last time actually more jia lat.... study from 8a.m then rush to work on an empty stomach at times and work till about ten.... sometimes eleven when it comes to festive season.... but no choice cos no $ means i cant study and cant support myself.... i always like the idea of being independent financially cos i hate the idea of taking $ from parents cos i know it's their hard earn money... seriously i really cannot stand ppl getting $ from their parents and getting angry at the fact that they cant get their stuffs.... like the whole issue is just abt them... then what about the parents.... think what... they shake leg in their office and wait for their monthly salary ah.... and i still remember how my dad and mum will work till very late at times just to support all the four rascals of the family.... still can recall once my parents work from morning till 8+ then come home... then all of us were starving like siao... but i know they were busy... and sundays are always shopping and outing days for the family... like trips to sentosa or zoo.... to buy my fav lacy dress with a ribbon behind and to get toys... keke.... last time used to get very pampered by parents.... but too bad their business failed and thus all of us had to be thrifty... but i dont mind cos i know once i tasted hardships, then life will be easier when i'm older... during poly years wasn't easy for me... like there're times when friends wanna go out but then i got to work.... and i practically work from mons to sundays exp wed which i'll revise and do my home work... there were times when i cant take the pressure and cry but after that i'll look into the bright side... i always sing this song when i feel sad... always look on the bright side of life*then whistle part*... hur hur.... but i thank God for giving me an optimistic way to view life.... i hardly get very emo unless it means something very impt to me and that i honour it really a lot.... i get aggro easily though... hahhaha...a lot of ppl ask me isnt it hard to go through the tough phase when you have to work and study... yes it was hard but i manage to pull through by God's grace.. thank You Lord for this great love of Yours... thank you for being so wonderful...

Sunday, January 16, 2005 . 1/16/2005 11:49:00 pm

err was just reading my first few lines of my blog saying i didnt buy something and there i go again... aiyo.... but these 2 bags are really good buy... and so cheap somemore.... only $3.90 for one.... so i bought 2..... hur hur.... so happy to see my sisters got baptised today.... was so proud of them... and something very funny! got one candidate is called chee hong.... wa piangz the parents damn mean sia.... i wonder if his surname is chow or something..... hahhaha... esmond was telling me abt that and we were trying hard not to laugh.... but sue ann got very amused by it also.... hahahaha..... but anyway today a good day but tiring day for me cos didnt rest well ma.... cos got many things to do.... but it's all worth it cos God sees my heart for Him... He's too great and wonderful.... love You Father... THANK YOU FOR YR UNFAILING LOVE... You see my heart for You and You rejoice in me as i rejoice in You... continue to mould me and strengthen me and make full use of me to minister to ppl for i know that's my calling.... let all my sisters in Christ be more like You and to rise up as leaders and stand in Your name and truth Father Lord....

Saturday, January 15, 2005 . 1/15/2005 03:52:00 pm

wa siao liaoz.... always spend money one.... but aiya ok lalz... this week nvr spend on clothes,etc... thats an improvement fang.... hur hur.... must self encourage a bit...anyway this is my blog ma... i happy! :P hahaha... hee had breakfast with my family today and feeling happy cos not all the time have this chance one.... cos many things to do lolz.. and went to do pedicure with my big sis.. hur hur... but the nana poke girl from the nail shop actually thought that i'm the elder one.... kick her face later.... grrrrr.... some more is 2 ppl saying that!!!! and the customer beside me giggle after i say i'm younger... grrrr.... slap her face then she'll become fat.... hur hur... just kidding.... fang fang not so violent one.... but my stupid sister's face was so happy when they siad that... chey! but used to it already cos wherever i go everyone always think i'm the oldest... ppl who are polite will be like, oh no lalz cos u are taller thats why.... those who are crude will be like HUH really ah... you kidding one right.. wa piangz! that kind really "make my day very happy" i tell you...but aiya dont care one lalz.... cos like it a not... only jon will be looking and he better accept it... hahaha... but anyway today quite slack for me and weather is good.... and i re-arrange my wardobe but still too many stuffs in there liao... hmmm maybe i should invest in a bigger cupboard? then can buy more things also cos i can easily make up excuses saying my cupboard looks empty... ke ke i'm so clever! but ya also manage to wash all the bsgs of clothes i bought the other time and i have already scheduled my time for my whole week for two months liao after work....

Monday- working @ Dr Teng's clinic from 6.30p.m-10p.m
Tuesday- learning hip hop dance @ jitterbugs from 7.30p.m-8.30p.m with ah jie
Wednesday- cell group @ 8p.m
Thursday-family/friend's day
Friday-boy boy/family day
Sat-Fang Fang's personal time alone and youth service @ 6p.m
Sunday-BMC @ 11a.m, leadership meeting at 2.30p.m then family dinner with boy boy's family @ 8p.m like that

wow so fruitful my whole week..... hur hur.... happy happy but tired cos more work for me at my work place and have to wake up at 5.30a.m every morning... ka na sai... but worth it lalz... compare to working at the spa.... i'm so thankful for this job! :)

Sunday, January 09, 2005 . 1/09/2005 02:10:00 am

oh well wasn't suppose to shop today and ya well i did... hurst keep spending $$$.... but i really control a lot.... know i can do better.... hur hur.... hmmmm bought two tops and one bottom and one pair of shoes.... ok no more spending this month! jon is going to scold me if i do that.... hur hur.... well my shopping habit also convicted me cos i feel that at times i would love shopping instead of anything else.... not good... and well got to be more aware and set my priorities right... if not jia lat liao.... and ya tomorrow going for my BMC finally!!!! so happy! been wanting to do that since last yr but becos of work lolz.... hurst! but now i'm free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hur hur... quite excited abt it.... and ya today saw a very coool uncle when i'm visiting my fav shop to buy strawberry biscuits.... he was asking if me and jon was from coos then he said he saw jon... hur hur then he commented that he was drinking although he's not supposed to and said that he's a hypocrite... he's really a coooooool guy and when we left he still say God bless.... so nice to hear that and see ppl sharing abt God.... though he has his shortcoming but i knoe the Lord sees the beauty of his heart... thank you Father for the works that You have done in each and everyone of our life... thank you Father..... indeed YOu are worthy to be praised... thank you for giving me all the loving and sweet brothers and sisters in Christ! i love them all and i love You most! thank You for coming into my life even though i'm not worthy of it but You make me worthy to praise You LOrd... thank you......

Sunday, January 02, 2005 . 1/02/2005 12:00:00 am

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MISS FANG!!!!!!HUR HUR! So tak pai se one me... hur hur.... oh well today's youth service was good and i really like pastor derick many many.... so nice one he! hur hur... and it was really good that God has blessed him so much and for this service as well... hur hur.... hmmmm new year and new blessings from Him.... hur hur.... must have new heart, spirit and expectations! hur hur! love You Lord many many... must also give many many blessings to all my dear sisters in Christ cos i also heart them many many!!!! hur hur!!!! and that i can save $$$!!!!hur hur!!!!

Saturday, January 01, 2005 . 1/01/2005 01:05:00 am

HAPPY NEW YEAR FANG FANG! hur hur... new year and new hope.... hur hur.... thank u Lord for all the wonderful things u have done in my life and giving a chance to love You Father... there are times when i failed u but You never calculated about all these but look into the beautiful side of your daughter.... thank You Lord... i love You!

oh ya hmmmm thibk i prefer the gold anna sui compact case rather than the dolly series one..... hur hur.... but ex though.... plus the powder will be $68.... sob sob.... and i'm looking at the chanel coco m something perfumee.... nice nice.... anyone got discount?!?hur hur....

bought one dress and one skirt today for work...nice nice.... and a little cardigan to act cool.... haha no la to keep myself from being cool.... hur hur...