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Sunday, March 11, 2007 . 3/11/2007 10:49:00 pm

Hmmm did my own gold french acrylic on my hands till 3a.m on fri night... always very lobo these few days.... but my room is in a mess... need motivation to tidy up the place... arghhh... but quite happy cos today jon and i went to ikea to take a look at some furniture yesterday... hee quite excited how next time we can set up our own home... know sometimes its going to be tough and nothing is going to be smooth going but i know God will keep watch on us... hee hee.... but luckily our taste doesnt differ so much and he's very compromising in a lot of ways... Today is the last session of PMC also liao.... preparation will only start after we go through the interviews with the counsellors though... but i do look forward and cherish every moment that i spend with jon n the years ahead that we'll share our lives together... :)
yesterday's sermon hit me again on the amazing love that God has chose to shower over each and everyone of us... it really challenge me at his point of my life to see the goodness of God's plan no matter what situations i am facing.... it made me feel ashamed when i was reminded of one particular friend... things are tough for him and his situation is the kind that he has more reasons to "question" God of his situations... but he didnt and praise God and lead his life like a daily offering unto Him... it made me sad that i questioned God for His perfect plans and not having the faith to ask God what are you trying to teach me mentality..... when the clip for passion of Christ wass showing, i dare not watch it.... its too much pain in my heart... it's tough and every communion i'm reminded of the scene when He chose to die for all... and God showed me a vision that even if it's only going to be fangfang, He will.... wa piang how to dont cry sia.. but thats also why i kept going and not think of the negative side of life... learning to praise God even during sufferings and trials.. to know the plans He had to prosper me and not harm me.... to grant me this future that will bring me hope.... Lord, help me to see Your amazing love more each day.... teach me to love you and your people... tat your words will be a light unto my path and that i will dwell in your court forever... in my life be lifted high Father.... thank you Lord... Amen...