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Monday, December 15, 2003 . 12/15/2003 01:08:00 am

Haiy sian rot at home for a few days liao...dont really wanna go out nowadays cos the stupid hair is as ugly as anything...but only go for church and cell grp...But one thing i heard from the priest the other day is very true...we tend to always ask God for many requests when we come to church but we never really ask God wat is His will for us....many times we are too blinded by the requests that we will forget that HE always has a wonderful plan for everyone...When things failed or when we do not get wat we wished,we'll definitely ask him why is it in this way....thats a bad attitude and i used to be like that..but now i know that anything that happens does happen for a reason...I tried to change my attitude since and really hope to draw closer to Him...but anyway these 2 weeks quite ok just that i tend to sleep late and wake up late..very bad..hmmmm but still quite ok cos chilling out at home and enjoying the tv show...but getting lazy and retarded i guess...main worry now is the job interview i'll be having coming wed...so excited cos i got shortlisted from Creative technology as a audio enginee...gee....hope that i get the job sia...hee...And just now was at friendster and saw this hmmm how should i call it but anyway very meaningful...it's like this...

(by James Walters)

If your smile I never witnessed,
And your touch I never felt,
If your laughter had escaped me,
And your hand I never held;
If your voice had never called my name
And I never touched your face,
If I never shared a night with you
Or danced in your embrace;
Then the shadows that pursued me
Would have vanquished all my hope
And my soul be lost in canyons
If you I had not known.

i'll wait
(by malyssa mary barricella)

i can't explain my feelings for you
it's just too much to say,
but all i do is think of you day after day...

you don't understand how much i wish
that you could be just mine,
and maybe it will happen
it might just take some time...

i don't know how or why
my feelings are so very strong
but i do know that
in my arms is where you belong...

i know i've only known you
for just a little while
but ever since i met you,
i can only think of your beautiful smile...

i wish you would look me in my eyes
and say you want me too
but until then- i just want you to know
i will wait for you

So nice sia....friend sent through bulletin board for me...and talking about friendster,got to get in touch back with my pri sch friends and sec sch friends...so cool and i'm really happy...hee....:)

Monday, December 01, 2003 . 12/01/2003 12:55:00 pm

WOAH going cameron highland in a few hours time....yeepee!!!!!!!!Yesterday was a cool day for me cos i went shopping with alice and brought many many stuffs....kinda broke but it's really nice to go out with my old friend.....but as usual like all my friends would complain....their legs sore like hell....i think she almosts strangle me to death....hahaaha....but finallly a chill out day since my busy schedule for this whole month...mood is better now and yah nothing to stress for the time being....then when i come back need to look for job faster...very kiasu one me..and really hop for christmas to come but at the same time feel a bit sian cos i tot that this christmas i could celebrate with someone special....but God has plans for me so i didnt have that much bad feelings.... :)