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Saturday, April 03, 2004 . 4/03/2004 04:27:00 pm

ok since a while that i last updated my blog....gotta stop with all the days i had with jonny or gonna rack my brain sia....well always busy with my whole schedule cos i have very poor time management and tat work is tough too....seem to alwaya be busy doing some other stuffs and no time for friends and family....but now slightly better....but dont really like the working environment and some ppl there.....but most of them very nice to me....but my friend is really a pain in the neck at times.....cannot tahan her though i knoe i got to try to acccept ppl of who they are.....still trying now better than the past....but really dont like is the working hours cos gotta wake up 430a.m everyday and always rushing when i got up late....and work is always rushy too cos i never seem to have a good rest or something like that....quite sucky sia.....the best part is i dont have time to do what i want....have always been thinking of taking up dance courses but everyday after work really drained me of all my energy...haiy....so sad...i even checked out all the website regarding abt the dance course stuff but now handling with 2 jobs....really impossible to do other stuffs.....all i really wana do is go home and sleep only...and yah dont know why nowadays my mouth kept swelling like nobody's business.....so painful sia....one time got really bad till it was very obvious that everyone kept asking me if i had 2 sausages on my mouth....idiot sia hahaha....that joke was funny but it was really so painful til i cant open my mouth much.....and was bleeding after that......now getting better but still very dry and just bought a new gel for lips....helps to ease the wound i have at the corner of my lips.......but one happy thing is that jonny boy bought me a ring yesterday at lee hwa!!!!we were meeting to go shopping then he was telling me he wanted to buy me a ring.....somehow i find that ppl got the impression that chinese girls going for ang moh are after their money....we went to one of the jewellery shop then the salesgirl was showing me all the expensive rings except the cheap ones....grrr....and sometimes sales ppl gave me the look when i'm with jonnny boy.....grrrrr once more....but i'm really used to it already....and apparently most of colleagues know my bf is an ang moh and all asked me why i prefer "foreign goods".....though joking but i dont really find it amusing....quite fed up at times......one dodgy guy was teasing and askng why i dont choose him and i get him to scram off....idiotic sia.....but well now not very bothered by all these cos i'm planning for other stuffs.....gotta save up now and there oes my louis vuitton purse and other stuffs.....sigh!but well no choice my plan for 2005 is to go accordingly as planned.....yeah!