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Monday, June 28, 2004 . 6/28/2004 10:03:00 am

hee so excited today..anticipating for my boy to come back from thailand...have been waiting the past few nights...miss him so much....well bought a cross pendant yesterday adn the sales man was a "ham sup" guy...shall not go into details... had breakfast with my family...long time since i had a decent and proper meal with them.. miss the time... feeling mad with my colleage cos she's so blur... and sales for me not so gd too....sigh...but anyway 5 more mths to go!:)

Friday, June 25, 2004 . 6/25/2004 10:26:00 am

*yawn* so sleepy today...well had a fun day yesterday and played like mad at the surprise party yesterday...was happy to see that liana enjoyed it....had a hard time trying to coax her to the shop...she kept shopping!!!!hhaha but still manage to do it....she was almost in tears...hee hee... thats what i really hope for..to have a happy birthday...somemore 21st so must make it special a bit...hmmmm love the cake and ice cream too...yum yum.. and they all get me to take my hip hop photo...creativity tots and by liana,sue,aletheia(photographer)...courtesy of accessories..jason's chain belt,jerome's chain belt,symon's chain belt...strangling me..grr...but find it fun cos everyone's happy!:)

Monday, June 21, 2004 . 6/21/2004 09:48:00 am

well boy boy went thailand today...was feeling a litle bit sad but know he has to go to spread the good news of the Lord!really so proud of the SE guys!they really have this heart sia..and i'm going to pray for them everyday not becos my boy boy is there but becos they are my brothers i'm really so proud of and admire of! but ya hope this week pass fast fast though...and happy for crystal cos she's going to aussie to visit her boy boy!must have a great time man!hee so lomantic go so far to see him...very effort!but anyway that day went to shop with liana and saw many nice stuffs thats cheap and nice...going to snatch them when i get my pay!!!!hahhahaha!oh yah suddenly tot of one matter i'm quite sad abt...well got this guy i knew for 3+ years in my poly then i to we got along pretty well and then i organise an outing out...then he msg me something like can get me not to go for the outing a not and i got very sad...he wanted to msg another person but msg wrongly and sent to me instead then quickly sms me back again to get me delete the msg away!feel so hurt and really have the rejecion tot that izzt ppl dont like me but just pretend to be nice to me???i find it hard to be fake to ppl cos for me i am only close and nice to ppl i love...and i really treat him like one close friend and he said that to me....so hurt then i msg eic my best friend to check whether izzt that he detest me as well...he ask me what happen and wanted to call me...but was very tired and went to sleep cos no mood....i really hope ppl ard me are not pretendious....it gets so upsetting...if it's abt my character then should let me know at least i got a chance to kick off the bad points abt me....though i cant be a perfect friend but i really do try to be one...i cherish friendship a lot and when i knew things happen like that i get devestated...

Wednesday, June 16, 2004 . 6/16/2004 11:02:00 am

YAWN!So sleepy sia...but yeah today is my off day!!!hee yesterday was ok at work and i met this lady called pauline is the financial manager of one of the asia pacific company....was chatting with her then she said she'll get me a job when my contract ends...cos she may have a job at her work place or she'll recommend me her frriend whos working at a bank...hee..didnt really think so much cos i was just chatting with her as shes a nice lady then she just ask me abt my job and stuffs....then after that i was working night alone...wasnt really so scary till i need to leave my work area...cos very quiet and really left me alone at the spalon... but ok lalz...just kept thinking that i'm a child of God and no evil spirit can touch me...for if God is with us,who can be against us..kept thinking and got brave...then i head down to look for jon and saw miss joycie finally....wah piang she look like fiona xie sia!very sweet and pretty girl!got the jap style but talk very ang moh...haiy must go through some fang fang chinese training then can...kekeke...then i'll have an easier time talking with her and have more fellowship!hahahaha!!!!!thats my evil plan!!!!wah then i saw that isetan having private sale soon cos my sis is a member!!!!mwuhahahaha i'm going to get something nice and expensive when jon is going for thailand..then he'll faint when he sees my stuffs next time...hahahha just kidding...got to save $$ lolz..so no chance to buy nice stufs...going to swim soon with jon..waiting for that na na poke to bath first.. oh no!wat if he swim too much then dont have tummy already?then whats gonna happen to me!!!!i like his tummy le...hahahaaha!!!!oh yah suddenly remember went to have a hair cut with liana yesterday!was so funny cos the hairstylist was so wayang like that!have a very big diamond belt with the $ logo and wearing tonnes of blink blink accessories and a diamond watch...the best part having very dry damaged long hair(and still dare to be hairstylist) and a transparent black top with shimmers and something like floral pattern....i almost suffered from internal injuries cos damn funny sia that guy...luckily he didnt cut my hair for me!*phew* liana complain he shampoo the hair too hard and got a headache...poor thing..but was a good day though yesterday....keke..:)

Monday, June 14, 2004 . 6/14/2004 07:05:00 am

oh my so sleepy now and later like got no appt like that.. did facial for jon yesterday till 11 30 before he went back...and somemore later my work place not much appt...so really on the shake leg pose sia....haiy yesterday my sister ask me why i didnt choose consultant in the first place cos got more money... i also chui xing gan! but nvr mind!gain six mths experience then run away! haha! got many things to buy one lelz every month...pay so low cant buy anything like that....sob sob...and so sad boy boy going to thailand next week...gonna miss him badly....:(surely become like zombie for the whole week!hahaahaa...haiy getting lame as time pass by...i dont used to be like that....:P

Friday, June 11, 2004 . 6/11/2004 10:46:00 am

Hmmmmm quite tired nowadays and was in a bad mood yesterday...poor boy boy got to bear with me and really soweird...i nvr seen him blew up any temper b4...and he did say its normal cos he doesnt get angry easily and even if he did also nt the very jia lat one like me.. and i got to get rid of my bad habit cos i always tend to bite him!hahaha!!! but well job work is getting better now and i'm going to miss one of my colleague whom i'm quite close with...hee 2 more wks to get my pay!then can buy the dress i like from (m)phosis... i like one pokka dot shirt but jon say looks like i'll be having severe acne problems...damn disgusting sia this guy... and i saw one watch very nice but a bit too glam...but becos butterfly one so i like! hee money money come faster!!!and ya i manage to get $5 yesterday for collecting money from this guest at the hotel..hahaha i should get all the masseuges to go hotel and do so i'll be a rich girl with blinks blinks before i quit...hohoho...just kidding for the blink blink part...i like to be a drama queen..nt blink blink queen..keke...

Monday, June 07, 2004 . 6/07/2004 10:16:00 am

hahaha at least work is better now than any other sucky days...still trying hard to learn and improved...but always feel good to have jon sending me to work and knock off..at least i feel better when my day is down and i gt someone to talk to..and my everyday is to learn new things and wait to knock off so i can meet him! but i'll work hard cos i know all these things i'm doing it for God and noone else...thats why i enjoy the work but not the ppl...though jon say i should pray for God to reveal me how to know their hearts...and i did....it's easier for me to talk to the woman now...and ya one thing is that i finally knew wjy she learn so fast cos she used to work here before...kana sai sia....tot how come she's like super woman like that...pick up things so fast!but anyway busy now...going to do my body scrub and body wrap and hair mask liao....then going to work...nu li!

Thursday, June 03, 2004 . 6/03/2004 09:47:00 am

haiy bad day at work yesterday...was working with ione girl and she really gave me lots of work and becos i'm nt confident in my work i did a lot of mistakes...then the worst part was when one thereupist scolded on the phone becos the lady nvr tell her the customer was here....grrrr....then when she went for lunch i was blur and dont know what is the treatment cost for one facial and under charged her $30...bt my colleague help me to do some stuffs then i dont need to pay...haiy and worst come to worst SHE AND I ARE THE PERMANENT STAFFS WORKING LONG TERM!!!!!!!!!!!!!Got a hard way to go bt i guess God has something for everything to happen...well bt happy to see jon yesterday and have dinner with him....and my facial session was good too!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004 . 6/01/2004 12:50:00 am

Hee hee this is my 4th month with jon!!!!so excited cos we're going out tomorrow to SHOP!but i'm tired now cos was working at the spa area then went to have a quick dinner at bk with jon cos he accompanyed me lolz..hmmm saw audrey,gerald,jason,joshua tan and iian..and then headed to the nail salon to re-do my nails cos they get a new girl to do it for me and it turn out to be so ugly..i couldnt stand it and had to call them up to re-paint it...cos i'm very particular abt my nails and complexion!i always make sure i go for pedicure every month and facial almost every month unless i'm busy then i stay at home to do more masks and scrubs i bought at the facial salon!but was guilty after that cos the poor girl seem to be afraid of me like that...i'm trying to remain calm but hard mah!but i did talk to her nicely after that but it dont seem to really help..then jon say she seem hard trying to please me like that...makes me feel worse...think i better go back and give her some tips as an encouragement..cos she only started one month like that..and yah she lend me a pair of slippers thats very nice...purple with sequinns...wonder if i can buy from the shop that pair..though its second hand but looks really sweet and nice to me!hee hee....gotta sleep now cos me and jon going to town tomorrow to celebrate our 4th month..heehee...he's beside me now being a big KPO seeing what i'm typing...and still got the cheek to as ke:"KPO MEH?"....DUDH!