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Tuesday, October 12, 2004 . 10/12/2004 12:22:00 am

haha another day passed just like that....coming nearer and nearer to the end of the contract...so happy....oh ya bought the LV purse finally after 1 yr!!!!!yeah but make me got one big hole in the pocket though....but these few days quite fun like that at work cos my malay colleague kept talking to me and i kept disturbing the other colleague....hmmmm...notice that my spa exec. look a bit like sponge bob squarepants.....scary sia.... oh well today working at dr teng quite slack cos by 845 i finish almost everything...just waiting to go home lolz..... and went to potong pasir to look for boy boy....dont know why recently i tend to miss boy boy so much....keke....maybe becos he's going aussie already....really pray that God will give each one of them fresh anointing and guidance and vision!AMEN!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004 . 10/05/2004 10:45:00 pm

well have been good today...didnt really spend much...chill out with my colleague at bugis....was fun ya.... bought a dress...nice nice...got to wear more dress and skirt cos jon likes to see me dressed up but i lazy lo.... and going out with him tomorrow to have breakfast with my parents and shop at chinatown to get daily neccessities...hee hee.... cant wait for tomorrow sia....oh ya havent been working at dr teng clinic for a while...miss working there....geee....think i must be crazy...always hate the idea of working there..maybe becos liana is there so i get to talk to her more.... fellowship yo! haha....these few days have been fun and nice for me...but the main motivation for the month is to save $$$.. i tried to give myself a target to save the amt i wanted to so i can be self motivated....or at the rate i'm spending.....die already....think if i'm old i can only rely on my cpf...:p Miss shopping on saturdays though..... and miss hanging out with my poly friends like kelvin and eric....miss hanging out with my ah gui too....but she busy lelz....dont dare to disturb her cos her exams coming up....:(

Sunday, October 03, 2004 . 10/03/2004 10:42:00 pm

wah fast sia time flies...got my pay already but i've been a good girl....didnt really spend much....bought a shaver for my father though....keke... and i bought myself a pair of jeans and black pants that are freaking long... cos went out with my boy boy on the 30th to celebrate our 8th month and i wear nice nice but the jeans doesnt go with the top as my colleague says will match better with black pants then i hurriedly bought a pair at city link... but it was nice cos i needed a pair of formal pants as well but the only thing is it's too long and i was very unhappy and quarrel with jon cos he get me to wear nice nice one...haahahaha...then we went to shop and lastly watch dodgeball....so funny sia the show...and jon behaves like white goodman!!!!hahaha...esp. the part when he stuff the pizza into the pants....hahahhaha...just kidding....but he laugh till like nobody's business...as if the whole cinema he just bought over like that....laugh damn loud(still got cheek to ask me if he did laugh so loud...) and ATE MY POPCORN TILL LEFT THE LAST BIT THEN GIVE ME!!!!!!!!!!! so greedy one...hahahaha....but the movie was good and i enjoyed my day with jon a lot that day...
well today was busy doing confirmation for the customers for tomorrow when i heard my spa executive scolding colourful language damn loudly.... got a shock and initially tot who's the crazy and vulgar girl....scar li is my exec and still dare to step into the spa....hahaha....but poor thing la cos she crying badly like that...but after a while i make her laugh till she feel better and tell me what's going on....aiya quarrel with bf....poor thing....then i monkey the whole day at spa as usual and ya going shopping with siti,my senior colleague on tues to jalan jalan...yeah shopping day!!!!!