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Sunday, March 27, 2005 . 3/27/2005 09:13:00 pm

Well this week was more of settling down at my new workplace... it was good... the boss is nice and i really thank God for this job as it's a perm post that i've been looking for 2 yrs and also the pay was higher than what i have expected... but the only sad thing is that i cant work part time at dr teng's clinic anymore.... sigh have been working there for close to 4 yrs.... really enjoy working there as dr teng was really nice to me like a father and that i have a good pay! haha! told him i cant work for him anymore and he was like haiy but it's good that you found a good job.... however cant work for mr anymore.... quite sad for me cos all this while he was really so nice to me though he's quite bad tempered at times....
hmmmm handphone plan ending next wk so need to get new phone... but have to wait till i come back from malaysia next weekend... wanted to get the sony e. phone.... so nice! then i can return jon his hp..... and ya happy that i manage to get my ipod mini working again..... haha but gotta head down all the way to apple centre to service it.... but it wasnt any major issue so manage to get it back on the spot.... initially was still fed up cos i tot the girl sold me a faulty ipod mini..... but it was totally brand new so i was like cant be ma... but was really angry then when i head down the lady explain that it is just the harddisk as some mini is just like that... but ya cool get it done and no sweat! :)
gonna lead worship this wed and i'm getting scared!!!! lucky thing ah boy helping me or i will be like arghhhh..... hahahaha.... never mind i got a great voice.... hahahha! just kidding!God is with me and i shall not fear! thank You Lord for giving me a good week! ;)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 . 3/15/2005 08:12:00 pm

Lord i surrender all to You Lord... at this moment there's nothing i can do or say... nothing i can work on to solve anything but to cling on You... Day and night i cry out to You.... hopes being smashed day by day but i just wanna hold on to the promise that You had for the two of us.... i'm struggling LOrd.... i admit i'm weak and i feel so helpless now.... my whole body is numb with bitterness and sadness Lord... i know You are here with me.... even the times when i cry, You comfort me Lord.... i thank You for this love You showered upon me.... make me strong LOrd.... help me to seek You more.... even at this point of time.... when i really fell to the darkest pit of my life... this feeling thats so strange and remote to me.. but it hurts so badly.... like thousands of knives piercing through me.... and i'm grasping for a last breath.... a last breath of hope in YOu Lord and nothing else.... i hope for the miracle to come... but i want to wait upon Your timing Lord.... even if it hurts so badly now.... but i know i need You now more badly... the devil trys to plot his plan but let him fail Lord... let yr triumph glory come and destroy all his polluted plans Lord.... strike him down with Your mighty rod Lord.... keep me save in Your arms Lord... i'm nothing but a weak child of Yours.... the little last breath i'm holding on.... clinging on to You and Your love upon me... let me never lose YOu Father... YOu mean more than anything to me.... even if i really have to let go of my hope, Father Lord comfort me and bring me out of this darkest period of my life LOrd.... for i'm lost without You.... and i'm desperate for You.... all of my ambitions, hopes and plans... i surrender these into Your hands.... for it's only in Your will that i am free... for it's only in Your will that i am free....