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Wednesday, April 27, 2005 . 4/27/2005 12:30:00 am

hee boy boy got me the anna sui mirror! yeah!!!!! i'm so happy when i saw that! :)
God is teaching me patience.... lots of patience and understanding which i need to learn.... how to love ppl.... thank YOu Lord for helping me to be one step closer to You....:)

Monday, April 25, 2005 . 4/25/2005 08:45:00 pm

one thing that i regreted most and that is still in my heart was to hurt this girl so badly.... by snatching the bf away.... she was my ex girlfriend before i was with him... i dreaded and feel sad that i had destroyed a relationship... a 5 yr relationship..... i e-mailed her through friendster to apologise... cos i owe her that... and during the time when i was still with him last time, there'll always be times when i cry and ask God for forgiveness.... for hurting ppl whom i shouldnt.... for even coming in between a relationship... God i'm sorry and i felt worse for the fact i heard her plead and cry talking to him to make him stay.... i could have chosen the path to leave him but i didnt... and i could feel the pain when he left me finally.... and i know what i suffered was only a small portion of what she went through.... Lord cover her in comfy blanket and embrace her with yr love Lord.... she doesnt deserve this kind of treatment... i do but she doesnt... for i have deserve it... Lord be by her side to let her cry on yr shoulders and tell You how she feels and how she could seek comfort in You and not him.... the torment should end for her.... she doesnt deserve it.... i do not know what to do but i know YOu'll be in control Lord... thank You for stretching out yr loving arms to love her and care for her.... LORD i pray she seek You more and noone else... thank YOu Lord.... and sorry for the things i've done.....

Sunday, April 24, 2005 . 4/24/2005 11:08:00 pm

haiy tomorrow is work and i dread tat.... why must weekend be so short.... maybe government should change to five day rest and two day work! hahaha! yeah then i'll be a happy girl.... was quite happy that i manage to john chiong again and talk to him with ah boy abt the pmc course we're going through... hmm found a hp at the toilet and manage to pass back to the owner... i feel that it's not very nice to take the phone cos i can imagine if i'm the one losing the phone i'll cry like siao! but ya it's good... last day of the ace course for the doctrine of God.... it's good and i like sai moi's teaching.... she's cool! and knowledgeable..... may teo also.... their lessons very power one! felt guilty at times that i feel too tired then dont feel like going but thank God that he gave me the strength to go and help me through....

hmmmmm it would be good if there are situations when i can know how God wants me to react and relate... to be more like Him and see how things could work out better..... need that and patience running low.... no batt liao.... Lord charge me to full power that i can continue and not fall.... i may stumble but i know You'll pick me up from that place..... Thank YOu Lord! Wo ai ni! :)

Thursday, April 21, 2005 . 4/21/2005 09:18:00 pm

Well God is good... always reminding me of the things that i need to be reminded of.... and i thanks God for having jac and reuben to come back to SE... i really miss this couple a lot and i was really happy when i saw them.... it reminded me of the old home group at real place.... i miss there a lot too.... got a lot of happy and sad memories there.... still remember that time when i first like jon but ya he got someone he like at that time so he didnt like me.... not long after i had 2 bfs and till last year when we got together.... but God has his own timing and i remember talking to ps. glenn abt my past relationships and he was right by saying that God do gave us choices and it's true that i chose the tough path... and we do turn blessings into curse at times for being disobedience.... and i regret the moment when i left SE for a while thinking ppl fail me... But i didnt realise how i have treated other ppl as well... i wasnt that nice or maybe not nice enough.... i dont know.... but one thing i know is that i constantly do think of all the ppl there.... all the joy that i had when i was in the cell... adn i'm happy to be back with all my bros and sisters! i'm happy to even see the group growing and having more ppl.. was just sitting down the other day and had this vision of SE being in a mini church form with all of us as the pioneers.... hahaha.... cant imagine how old i am.... arghhhhh i dont want!!!! i dont want wrinkles and fine lines! ha ha~! but ya God will still make me pretty in his sight.... just that when i'm older i cant wear my pinky stuffs of ppl say i lao hiao! hahaha....
dont know why i always have the laughter thingy.... get excited by the least thing... and i love elderly... they are joy givers from God..... i love God for creating me for who i am... giving me an optimistic view in life or it'll be hard for me to survive in the past.... i would have gone to IMH if it's really so bad without God's favour and grace in me.... i thank Him for ppl ard me to encourage me and to make me happy.... hmmmm think my noisiness comes from the SE ppl.... i'm always happy to see everyone and started to get excited when i see them.... hahha.... to me they're my big family God has given to me... i see ps glenn as one of my earthly fathers and sue as my earthly mother... hur hur.... and the other sue that is sue ann jie jie as my big sister.... hahhha.... john chiong is definitely the da ge! and liana is my little sisters plus many many sisters like alitha,fen fen,drey and really many many....rachael is my discipline mistress! hhahha!!!!! and shawna is my kind and gentle sister.... hur hur... so many one... thats why everyone got a nick name from me so that i can disturb and play with them.... though i may be busy but i still love to spend time with them if i can but i'm trying to stay at home more often these few weeks to talk to my parents.... thank You God for everything... times may be bad but without You by my side it's dark and lonely... thank You for being my light and comfort.... *hugs*

Friday, April 15, 2005 . 4/15/2005 06:53:00 am

yeepee!!! today is friday and it means i can spend time with ah boy.... hur hur.... and also tomorrow dont have to work.... actually not dont have to work but becos i change my sats to next month cos i'm attending pmc.... hmmmmm so exciting.... actually it was quite fun cos for me and jon we kept bickering at the pmc and then for yen and jon is like he's so nervous like that..... then sue ann and es were like the cool couple of the year.... sitting at the corner and like very serious like that.... but it's good.... cos this kinda thing have to ma... the two of us were serious only when class starts and when there's a break then i go and disturb my dear bro jon in front of me! hahahaha...... God is good!

Thursday, April 07, 2005 . 4/07/2005 07:41:00 pm

oh well wat a busy weekend i had last week but it was good... i went with sue, yen, ah gui,shui jing,romey and ah fong to jb for the leadership training... it was good and i learnt quite a few good stuffs over there though i became a dead dog when i came back... cos i was room mate with ah yen and we talk till 4a.m... hahaha.... and woke up late at 810 when the class was suppose to start at 830.... faster bathe then speed down for breakfast.... hahaha yen almost killed me cos crystal and gui gui tried to call and jerome came knocking at the door but i was "suffocating" yself with my pillow and she got no choice but to wake up... cos i think the pasta last night plus the ramry burger made me slept well.... hee hee.... and symon go and shoot the water from the toilet bowl out when i was eating halfway!!! and it actually shoot right till the end of the room.... hahhaa!!! and i cant believe it that yen actually did the same thing!!!! well i must say i really admire yen for her hard work cos she was busy doing the hi 5 thing that we were suppose to do for our program the next day.. then i kept yakking away with her cos i really havent been catching up with her and i love to talk to her!!! and also becos i dont have the habit of preparing what i need to say cos it'll always come out a different thing when i speak in public... and when i was presenting my hi-5, one lady comment that i spoke too fast at some point and crystal was just making a joke that i'm a rapper at sonic edge and the whole group actually believe her and started asking me questions... had a hard time telling the folks i'm not.. then i told all the guys abt it and they were laughing like siao.... i really like the star thingy that we have to form with our eyes closed and it was so amazing how the group works as a team... really impressive....it really help alot at the training to learn to speak up.... jerome was right... he was saying that a good leader will be able to speak well.... to speak the truth of God cos ultimately we're here in SE to do this... and i'm excited how far God will put SE in His plan....and i was reminded of the last SE camp we had... even the last few times.... just so great to have everyone there and spending time together the whole day as a family... i always look forward to SE camp and i know God will prepare a lot of stuffs for us.... thank You Lord!
hee going to get my hard earned pay already.. and i'm happy working at this new place cos it means staying at home more and i really save a lot of money cos food was paid for at the company and i only spend less than $2 on transport.. but i must still save and not splurge... oh well or i try not to ya...ke ke....ya suddenly i got reminded of jerome telling me abt the lame part about the sponge bob movie... the MY EYES! part... and he msg me today saying that and i got a shock of my life... tot something really happen to his eyes and he called back bursting with laughter and apologising at the same time.... but well it was really funny and i was telling crystal on the bus going to jb... hahha.... and yen and i got the fruits joke and we laugh the whole day.... and one silly thing.... we were trying so hard to look for the swimming pool at the hotel and after our clever search for 20 min, we found nothing! the swimming pool must be damn pathetic... cos i cant find it ma.. hahahha!!!:P