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Monday, June 06, 2005 . 6/06/2005 01:02:00 am

Busy busy and just decided to quit my job... been horribly sick.. thinking of how to be a good servent and what it really means to submit all to God... was sitting down at the stairway at marina and just thinking back the times when God has stretched out His hand to help me... feel comforted and just telling God... Reign in me and teach me how to be a good servant of Yours... teach me Your way and love....
something weird that i find out abt myself!!! i actually DONT FEEL LIKE SHOPPING SO MUCH NOW!!!! thats scary for me to think abt it and i feel like fainting... hahaha.... but it's good.. i just enjoy sitting at one place... be it doing my pedi or wat but it feels just comfortable... just had it done today but kena smudge a bit on my big toe.. grrrr... bought my jacket that i've been looking for... happy happy!!!
made quite a bit of money by selling my stuffs online.. trying to get rid a lot of my stuffs.. happy happy... :)