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Sunday, August 28, 2005 . 8/28/2005 11:27:00 pm

Wa very tired now... got sun burnt!!!! sob sob.... but it was so fun today!!! successfully sold most of the stuffs i dont want and kept some that i cant bear to sell... ke ke... but really hot today... most of my customers are nice... thank God! only one lady quite irritaing.... hahaha.... well today was really a fun day for me and also had a good time celebrating rachel's birthday after foundation class.... hahaha.... hmmm but whole body itchy now.... and hurst i havent pack much for my uk trip... luckily i got a list of stuffs that i need to bring... most impt is my bible and notebook that i can record down.... ohhh sleepy now... good night fang fang! u did a good job today.... *pats my own shoulder* (-_-)zzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, August 13, 2005 . 8/13/2005 05:24:00 am

gee feeling sp sleepy now... having drowiness due to the medication i'm taking... it's good that i have a rest.... dr gave me two day mc... so it means i can chill out for 4 days inclusive weekend.... now feeling a bit better but still a bit sick... jon accompany me to see a dr... i'm thankful for God to bless me with a good guy.... always caring and teaching me the right way to go abt things... we both act as a support to each other so that we will stay firm and strong in His words.. i'm thankful also for how God brought me so far... not seeing who i was in the past but to see who i can be in the future... to be His light and salt of the earth.... my prayer everyday is to let God fill me with more of His live, then i'm always able to love everyone like how He did... though there may be frustrations at times, i know that He wants me to see further ahead... not to be blinded by the things happening now but to really see how he can work in ppl's lives... just like how He did for me... without God, i would have already be in girl's home or maybe in prison now and i wont have the chance to know the lovely SE family.... everyone i'm thankful for they all shared memories with me and even though i might not talk to some of them often, they went through with me a period of time which is kept in my heart.... i thank God that i have an opportunity to serve and be His child... though there are times i feel like giving up, i know the Big Guy up there doesnt give up on me... so i stayed on and continue this race... it's just like the relay i had when i was 11... i was running the 200mtr and initially i ran very fast... but i slow down due to the fact that i did not exercise much more and caused me to get tired easily.... just let me realise that if i dont exercise my leadership and my daily walk with Him... i'll slow down and get breathless.. and i'll be drained out... but when there's consistency, i know that God will not shortchanged me.... for what He sees is a faithful heart... a heart of willingness and desire for Him... to do wat He wants me to be doing... that i should never lose heart for His strength is sufficient for me... thank You Lord... and i'm taking a next step of faith to follow Him... to complete this path HE has for me... and that i pray that i'll continue to run... till the day i know that it's time to see Him and rest....love You Lord...

Thursday, August 11, 2005 . 8/11/2005 11:02:00 am

Oh man i'm sick today and i have lost my pretty voice!!! how can that be man!!! fehlup! but ya God is always working in His ways! maybe He thinks i need rest... hahha crappy nonsense! but ya quite tired physically but i am really greatful that i'm not tired doing His works though i am sick... i thank Him that i could make it for cell even though i'm like a sick cat yesterday.... Well i also dont know why so tired... maybe becos after coming back from bintan then learnt the art of "nuahing".... but it's a really beautiful place... me and hems just sit down by the resturant chilling out the whole day and watching the seaview... so beautiful and nice... then in the evening we were walking by the beach then i suddenly feel like swimming... so i bought a bikini last min then we went to the clear water to swim... hee hee.... so fun then after that chill out at the restaurant again to chill out.... i like that area cos no air-con.... so really very chill out version one.... haha!!!! then at one point we were sitting outside the area and slept for 2-3 hours... hahaha.... i must have terrified the family beside me when i snore soundlessly..... wahhhaha!!! but it's shiok to the core.... planning for batam trip end of the year!!! yooohoooo!!!!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005 . 8/02/2005 12:03:00 am

oh man cant believe SF is over! So fun at there sia!! God is really good and He is really moving at that place man! really impressed with all the crews there! really awesome man all of them! they're really a whole cool and awesome bunch! this year's SF is really the most kickass show!!! though i only manage to watch gloria and sky's set, it was good enough already! and ya i manage to see jean perform! hee hee... so happy!!! Wat can i say man i just love this SF!!! and i really see maturity in all the guys there! i'm really touched by God's presence and how He moved the whole area.... You're so cool GOD!!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
But was really tired though! slept till 5+p.m on sunday cos i was exhausted by the end of day! and finally get to really see my boy boy for the first time after 1 week plus... cos he was so busy with SF till i only spoke to him less than five min a day and saw him only abt 2 min or less per day... sometimes dont even get to see him... but it's ok! cos i'm proud to have a boy boy who has this servant heart for God.... and i see him growing up more and more each day...i know he hasnt explode his most for God yet... but the day will come when the two of us will be just amazed by what He has done for the two of us and we'll bow down by His greatness... i also wanna see myself growing more in Him... to be teachable and humble in all i do... but it means suffering and hardship.... cos it doesnt come easy....but i know Lord that You will give me Your endurance... thank You God for this awesome festival and love You showered upon all those whom i loved!