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Tuesday, January 24, 2006 . 1/24/2006 11:37:00 pm

woo had such a nice day today... had farewell lunch with ah xue and some of the guys... hmmmm trying to get myslf to stop thinking she's gonna leave if not my eyes get watery liao.... hurst will surely cry until v jialat at airport... hurst!!!! oh well then went back office and had a good chat with sue ann and rachill... hee then did cleaning for the office.. always love the spick and span look and the nice scent after cleaning... hee hee.. gonna swim tomorrow with my dear drey drey.... so excited... i remembered the time when i first came back to se again and the initial part i also hang out with her and go swimming together with hua xiao jie... hee so fun... miss the times... so i'm happy that i can enjoy the time with her again... swimming swimming... hee then can prepare for my wedding gown next time... i already think of the colour i want... i want champagne gold!!!! happy happy... lalalaalaalala!!!!!
good night my dear Lao Ba!! wo love you deep deep!!! :)
CNY is drawing near and ya so many things to clean... grrr have to clean the toilet again as my sisters nvr does that... only me and my mum.. nvr mind wait till i get married see who do for them... haha!! but ya thats my "duty" for every cny cos my mum says i'm the only one who bothers to clean nice nice... hee hee like rachel like that... everything must mei mei... well hopefully i can give ang pao soon instead of taking ang pao... haha but ya God is preparing the 2 of us into marriage... He wants to see me grow more before i step into a new life.. it's hard at times to trust in Him abt jon's PR but He assures me so many times... i feel so bad abt it.. i sees the vision of him getting it and the two of us starting a new life with Him... thank you Jesus! :)

Monday, January 23, 2006 . 1/23/2006 02:58:00 pm

hmm SE camp was shiok to the core!!! reminds me of the time when i went there in 2002... it really humbles me to see how God has really blessed SE in so many different ways... a good time of self-reflection again on how and wat is God doing in my life... not abt expecting to go for camps to be renewed... God has constantly been there and wanting to do His will in me... was i willing to do it? have i been obedient? wat are the things He's building me up in? works vs heart... heart weighs so much more... i can be working till i am so tired but if God is not in the focus it's gonna be so draining... i'm convicted about my prayer and devotional time with Him... so busy with everything and shortchanging myself and wat He wants to talk to me.... my prayer will be that my every heartbeat will be a sweet offering unto Him.. that He's the reason that i live, the reason that i sing... with all i am...

Friday, January 20, 2006 . 1/20/2006 12:03:00 am

wa piangz finally my pc is in a stable condition again... hee learning nail is fun and i really enjoy it... i use my dad as my guinea pig... haha then he got pretty fingernails after that... so funny!!! yeah SE camp again tomorrow~~~ Jesus wo lai le!!!~~~~!!!! hur hur... good night lao ba! (-_-)zzzzzz

Friday, January 06, 2006 . 1/06/2006 02:23:00 am

arghhh many things to do... ha ha good stretching time wo... but ya though hard but it's comforting to always have michelle, sue ann and rachill to cheer me up as they're at shop everyday to do their work wo.. hee God is good to me.. xie xie You Lao Ba!!! wo shi ai ni di!!! :)

Thursday, January 05, 2006 . 1/05/2006 02:16:00 am

hee i wanna thank the girls for the birthday song today!! hee hee... so sweet... and the prayer was definitely refreshing and encouraging! hee hee new year new stuffs to do... hmm ya can really see the things all coming up in the coming months... it's gonna be crazy but worth it... all for Jesus yo!! hur hur and i'm excited abt the flea market coming up!! i believe God is going to move man as we go there with a faithful heart and believing in His works... i was just amazed by how God has blessed us with and even helping us to serve Him.. sometimes ppl dont have so much handles at times but i thank God that He gave me the best leaders i can ever find... i am so touched by His love for me and what more can i say or do but just to obey Him... to trust and love Him... It wont have been easy for me if the girls are not ard... all of them have really been an encouragement to me and helping me to grow... God uses His best gifts to help and comfort me.. all of them are just so amazing... He never fails and i'm really so blown away by how He fulfill my dream to serve Him in the flea market.. it's the last that i can dream of.. becos i always feel that i'm just so small and insignificant so how can He use ppl like me to accomplish His works... but the Lord just tell me i see the heart not the work.. thank You Lao Ba!!! :)

Monday, January 02, 2006 . 1/02/2006 11:43:00 pm

hee i really enjoy my outing today to the zoo... hmm they revonate the area a bit and looks really cool.. and the baboon backside very colourful lelz.. so fierce like tat... had dinner at nydc and the food rocks man! i like the mushroom pasta... the coffee not so nice though but the oreo cheesecake is heavenly man!! i'm abt to sing my heavenly song... haha!! i gt myself a birthday present. hee hee.. it's a indian hair clip... very colourful and nice.. and cheap cheap good good.. hee my parents wished me a happy birthday so i very happy and my sister too... she wished that i'll get prettier which i think will be lolz... hur hur... thanks everyone who sms me to wish me happy birthday.. very sweet of all of u.. too many to name.. but ya i'm really very touched that all u guys and ladies remember me... i lub all of you!!!
oh got errands to run tomorrow!!! gonna be very busy.. hmmm welcome to working life again.. haha!! gonna do my planner later cos today is already the 2nd...happy birthday ah pang!!! :)
yeepee!! i finally got my beloved ipod nano as my birthday present after waiting for a couple of months!! thanks to my ah boy + family and to some of the guys who chipped in for the presents.. thank u so so much!!! boy gave me a pair of earrings that i find quite nice also at mini toons there... he bought it that day when i saw it and bluff me saying he went toilet... no wonder i was like how come he go toilet dont wanna come out like that... hee hee... though i was still a bit sad that my family didnt ask anything yet... cos i'm very used to have a grand b'day party since young... always hv my fav dishes and snacks and my friends will always celebrate for me.... hee hee.. thanks ah hua for the presents.. they really came very timely.. i was really asking God for these stuffs but really too broke to buy them... cos no money wo.. xie xie u for yr presents and yr friendship with me for the past 8 years... it's been encouraging and means a lot to me... i'm a happy girl today!!! :)

Sunday, January 01, 2006 . 1/01/2006 07:45:00 pm

weeyewww!!!! happy new year Jesus Lao Ba and fang fang!!! had a great time yo at the service!! hmmm i'm just reminded by God that i was living in borrowed time like how glenn was sharing his testimonies with the youth and i was like thinking if nt for God's favour and grace i might also be in jail or something.. if not for His mercy i won't be enjoying this beautiful service with my loved ones from SE.. then i dont feel so down that noone was celebrating my birthday with me... thank You Lord,,, i was telling God the other day also that i dont want any obstacles to come in between me and Him... He was like telling me sometimes hurdles come on our way so we will know the Father's heart better... i'm like orh ok then give me more then... hur hur.. i was reminded that no matter wat happens life still goes on,,, every second goes just like tat and as humans, we will always misuse the time and do silly stuffs where we could use that time to do something meaningful.. convicted abt surfing too much ebay and yahoo auction... ha ha thats gonna be my new year resolution too... lesser internet and more reading of His word and prayers... and ya gonna do editing for the no. of books to read as per challenged by my 2 dear sisters namely sandy and michelle! i'll read 7 books then!!! *pats my own shoulder*
good night fangfang... have a good rest... gonna turn 23 tomorrow!! happy birthday to you! :)