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Sunday, May 27, 2007 . 5/27/2007 10:30:00 am

hee so happy i got a few thingsdone liao... got the bridal package i want and the lady was really nice to add on a few other things w/o charging me for it... guest list done up but need to re-arrange.. prent session cum food tasting o the 8th.. ke ke the resturant we choose got good feedbacks from ppl i asked! then jon's mum helping out in decor and reception for church... hurst just left wedding favour but roughly got concept liao.. err left those nitty gritty stuffs tat i dun like lo but bo pian... but ya during oct till dec will be busy period for me as i gotta meet up with ppl to give out invites liao... from my primary school friends to poly friends... hmmm i miss them all.. they have all gone through a certain journey which i appreciate that God had placed them in my life....
ok honeymoon also settled liao... just the 1st part but most likely to banyan at bintan... pauline n kah woon went there and really love it! then ard jan or feb will head to visit jon's granny!! yeah!! must pray hard she dont force me to have grandchildren for her so fast..later i cannot breathe sia.. haha!!! then yeah finally i can head to my dream place PARIS!!!! woo hoo!! but i think jon is gonna get real bored there... haha.. then around april or may will head to japan(provided jon can get leave).. if not i go with my mum... haha!!!
gee my dance class gonna start in 12th June!!! going with my colleague and yeah can help to tone up a bit before my wedding day... gonna learn hip hop yo!
ok i gotta bathe now liao....

Monday, May 14, 2007 . 5/14/2007 08:57:00 pm

hee YEEPEE!!! jon got his Employment Pass liao!!!! hur hur can get married liao... hmmmm got quite a few things to think of and arrange... but it's all worth it.. really very glad when jon called me today to tell me abt it!!! i was like YEAH!! very happy for him lo cos he can stay here and we are palnning for our own home liao!!! :)
most likely next week or so will head to the bridal shop to confirm the wedding package.. then hmmm need to bring jon's mum down to sign the package thing... hee then chris very nice... offered to take outdoor wedding pics for us... definitely will be nice cos Chris' skill very good sia.. hee then still got ppl bless me with wedding money and other stuffs... very glad lo.. God is like so good to me like that... i really nvr expect to be so showered with God's blessings lo.. and i'm very touched becos ppl had been asking me abt our wedding and offering to help out in a way or so... initially noone dare to ask me... all go and ask jon...haha too afraid of my overwhelming response... hee now just need to find one good salon to do treatment for my hair and then i wanna pamper myself with nice nails... do the nails for myself takes too much effort liao.... i buay tahan... hmm then can go for massgae also to destress...luckily got package... i must be a pretty bride... ke ke... ok la not so bad as long as God thinks i'm pretty and jon happy can liao.. i already think of getting who to help out my wedding.. haha jon and i gonna recruit the army of guys in our cell... my mummy also very excited for us.. she helped us looked for flat all these liao.. then kept telling me what are the stuffs to do all these.. hee hee so funny... no wonder i so auntie at times.. inherit from her one...
but i happy cos nothing much to do for wedding stuffs la.. just execute the plan can liao!!! yeah!!!! wo yao jie hun le!!! :)