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Sunday, June 24, 2007 . 6/24/2007 10:41:00 pm

oh well... time flies.... hee and it's 6months 5 days before my wedding.... hmmm parents meeting was fun and jon's dad offered to send my family back.. the food was yummy and my brother - in - law can really talk.. haha!!! hmmm ok got to change my plans a bit... jon and i will have to go UK in april to visit granny(yeah!) and we'll head to paris n switzerland(most likely) for our honeymoon... hurst our japan trip will postpone to ard end of year... but i definitely wanna make a trip back there again soon.. hurst still so many tings to do n need to edit my guest list... but nvr mind la.... errr the wedding car also havent fix wo but i dun really wana spend so much on a car.. oh well see how.... now i just hope my cough will get better... if not i'm gonna have sleepeless nites for dunno how long... grrrr... now i sound like an ah gua.. hurst... but it's ok... i'm more than a conqueror in Him who strengthens me... yeah!! :)

Monday, June 04, 2007 . 6/04/2007 10:31:00 pm

wee.. what a crazy weekend... so many things to do... helping out at anberlin & copeland show and working at the salon as well... hmmm but i really enjoy the show as it is really amazing to see the body of Christ working as a body.. it's just beautiful for me... i really hope i can be more of help to jon though i like grumble for the sake of it... haha!! but deep down i really desire i could maybe do like a part time thingy for him or something... but well it also means forgoing my current job which i cant bear to as i really like it.. well God has a plan.. so i shall not think so much... oh man this friday is gonna be the parent's meeting... i'm so excited!!! ke ke... i wonder how it'll be like cos it's like the east meet west speech challenge... it was really funny over dinner the other day when jon's dad was like trying hard to speak mandarin... so funny!! but i really thank God for them... for the fact that they nvr look down on my background all these... and really supportive of our wedding.. jon's parents really are so humble and nice... i'm very touched by the so many times they talk to me like they're talking to their own children though i always hide behind jon... cos i a bit scared of them... they look like giants to me... ke ke.. but ya even my nail course like jon's parents will ask me how is it going... cos they know doing nails are my passion... hmmm i really wanna just like master the skills good good liao then do one nice set for God.. then i'm gonna frame it up.. maybe i'll do like a set that comprise the lion and the lamb... just like the song "how great is our GOD"..people encourage me to set up ashop but well i dun think right now my skills are tat fantastic as compared to the so many out there... but i dun mind learning slowly... my passion will lie more on helping the girls at the girl's home or prison... that's really what i desire to do... cos i believe they are gonna have this great future... they can be like Glenn... though they make mistakes in life, they can still find the way in Him... i hope God will continue to use me in this area... even when times i feel like giving up cos it's not that easy... but becos God is good. i will carry on...Yesu wo shi ai ni di! :)

Friday, June 01, 2007 . 6/01/2007 09:56:00 pm

well today finally did my company's orientation after like working here for 2 months plus... i made 4 new friends from different departments!! so proud of myself.. i just kept talking to them and proudly show them my work desk... ke ke.. but ya after touring for the 4 places i really feel very sick... even till now i still do.... oh man! then went for a hair cut and went home straight after as i'm tired.. think i'll cut my hair short after my wedding and i'm going to do weird colours... like purple... yummy! oh ya wedding invites to jon's relatives at UK are done and i think jon's mum gonna send it today... then next friday going to have parent's meeting session... must really pray hard my dad doesnt do anything weird.. and ya later of this month gonna choose between 2 gowns i selected... hmm guest list i complete liao... so left with the stuffs that are neededto do only till last 2 months like that.. oh man my mum's gonna get me the " shi dian jing".. i hope not too ugly. better go with her to choose.. and she's going to buy me weird basin all these... i asked her if i could throw after the wedding and i got a scolding from her... haha!! i tot "bai sui" only ma! then she's gonna buy bedsheets and 2 pillows n 1 bolster.. ke ke i tell her jon and i in total will use 4 pillows... haha then she say she's only buying 2 for "meaning meaning" purpose.. the rest i buy them myself... haha!! so funny!oh ya wedding shoes also find liao...
but hmmm the tot that i'm really getting married is very scary.. weeheew!!!