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Wednesday, July 18, 2007 . 7/18/2007 09:59:00 am

Weeheehee!!!! my company is very nice!! they permit staffs to have the car for weddings!! ke ke i tot must pay but my boss says no need... i actually wanted the IS250 cos they have this pearly white very nice but my colleagues they all call me to take bigger one... haha!! and also my company mininum will rent out at least a GS for staff for their big day! :) very blessed to be here lo... i really enjoy working here with nice colleagues and good working environment! :) my brother in law offered to be the man to drive the car for me! haha i trust him to do so cos he drove for sometime liao and ya very nice for him to offer.. then my sis will have to drive his car.. haha.. but i think most likely i'll be getting the 460H as the wedding car if everything goes well... my GM says if anything just let her know... she's very nice boss and very pretty! hmmmm.. looking forward for my big day! :) just really feel so thankful for all the help that had been offered... i'm really blessed and touched by that.. xie xie everybody! Thank You Lord for taking care of all the things... even the nitty gritty stuffs You have not overlooked... xie xie You! God was just asking me today how do i see when i pray in His Son's name.. what does Almighty means to me... still processing... very chim for me... and remembering to worship Him for who He is... like Moses... :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007 . 7/17/2007 05:41:00 pm

was looking at the pics that jeremy sent... suddenly i just miss the whole SE family.. how nice it will be if i can take a " quan jia fu".. we will have a few generations!!! haha the history maker generation i will call it!! it's amazing to see how God has placed everyone in different pace of their lives... though some may not be doing too well, i believe God laid out His beautiful plans for them and for me!! hur hur cos He says that He made me and i am Belly Good!! haha!!
yeah i got my wedding bands liao!! got them from Lee Hwa... Ang Moh seems to like this shop i dunno why also.. hmmm i wanted to take a look at Citigems and he was like see that one might as well see Taka jewellery!! oh well i wont have mind but i dun think he will allow... hur hur cos diamond is not my best friend... my best friend is anna sui.. haha!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007 . 7/01/2007 12:50:00 pm

It's just a beautiful sunday morning for me... was just doing my devotion and just thinking of God's goodness.. sometimes it's tough cos situations happen in life or maybe people in life disappoints me.. the way i hope it's not... but God was just telling me of His plans and His perfection.. sometimes you just feel like giving up or had already given up, but i was also convicted that God had nvr given up hope on me even when ppl ard me chose to give up.. He was always there... and my physical body is not getting any better... but i was just reminded that even when Paul in the toughest period of his life, he considered it joy for Jesus.. it's also abt being true to God to allow Him to come and take over... not to be in self pity and feel that my life sucks.. i can't change things but i can change my perception.. it just feels good when i tell God honestly how i feel and not being looked down or being judged by Him.. when i allow God to take out the plank in my eyes, i need to remember that He never judges the way man does.. or even the way i see ppl.. cos God sees beyond that.. beyond what anyone can imagine or foresee...Lord help me not to be skeptical or judgemental towards ppl or even situations that comes up my way but allow me to continue seeing Your plans that You had to prosper and bring life to.. help me to love You so that i can learn to love others.. help me to see the plank in my eye and not the speck that i see in people's eyes... Amen.. Thank You Lord for just being who You are that i can be who i am.. :)